7+ Joomla Plugins for Social Buying

in CMS,Joomla, - June 12, 2014

Group buying or social buying websites and applications have mushroomed owing to the tremendous response from the buyers. It is not without reason that such websites have gained popularity; the benefits they confer on the consumers are worth praising. The buyers take advantage of the location based discounts, seasonal offers and special promotions from a variety of businesses on these sites. A very powerful marketing tool, group marketing promotes brand awareness in a focused way to a large number of consumers. The marketing power of group buying can also be made use of in launch and promotion of novel products. If you run one such site, you must have the best plugins designed to meet your needs.


The top Joomla Plugins for Social Buying offer many premium features that are required by sites for social buying. Using these free plugins you can showcase your products with the best deal prices, the period for which the deal is available and the number of purchases. You have full control over the layouts, email notification and other settings. You can also manage categories, locations, partners, deals, orders, coupons and just about anything associated with the sale of your products. The plugins support popular payment gateways like Paypal, Ideal, 2CO, ccAvenue, etc. Offline payments and bank transfers are also supported. As far as customization is concerned, the user has many options to customize color, font, and background to match the website’s theme. Install these multifunctional plugins and watch your website swell with orders.

JEXTN Groupbuy
En Masse
Daily Groupon Deal
Groupon Master
Amazon Deals Master
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