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in CMS,Joomla, - June 5, 2015

Joomla being as popular a CMS as it is, your site on Joomla is bound to attract a lot of visitors- which might make it difficult to properly catalogue and profile all of them. Fortunately, among Joomla’s many extensions are several built specifically for this purpose that make your data collection, user profiling and user identification smoother and easier. With these Best Joomla Extensions you can categorise your registered users more efficiently based on pre-defined and custom created criteria , and also find out more about them by having easy access to their own profiles.


Creates A New User in  Group – $10

Creates A New User in  Group

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Joomla User Profile Management Extension – $49

Joomla User Profile Management Extension

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Become more efficient and secure

User profile extensions can cut down drastically on workload and work time by streamlining the process of finding and catering to your registered users according to their specific requirements. User profile extensions also allow you to find only specific kinds of users and prospective clients from Joomla’s, your site’s, and the internet’s vast user pool. These modules can also provide easy to use author and content plugins which allow you to insert personal author and user fields into articles. Premium versions of such extensions can also provide Joomla Social Network Extensions integration to further enhance your profile.


Easy User Profile for Joomla- $33.65

Easy User Profile for Joomla

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User Profile By a Powerful Form Constructor

User Profile By a Powerful Form Constructor

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Make registrations easier and personalise your experience

Moreover, such plugins can make the registration process for potential users much more streamlined and provide premade registration forms and options. They also allow you to personalise your site and your profile accordingly. Learn about the best Joomla User Profile Extension from the comprehensive list at BestPlugins.

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