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Free and Premium Lightroom Plugins and Presets

Lightroom is one of the Adobe’s premium image post processing software, made almost exclusively for photographers. But what Lightroom does goes far beyond simple editing; it allows users to covert RAW files, add stunning realistic image effects, bring clarity to blurred and even damaged digital images and lot’s more.

Photographers can Use Lightroom download direct from the site to experience the power for processing instantly.


Lightroom Plugins

Make no mistake; Lightroom can be the only post-processing software you will ever need throughout your career. But the stock adobe software has only a limited number of presets that prevent users from exploring the additional cool features. But this can be eliminated with use of the free Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5 plugins that are available for download from the site.


How to install Lightroom Plugins

Numerous Lightroom plugins are being developed every day, and missing out on them simply isn’t fair to your photographs. So, how to install them? Well here are some simple steps that will get your best Lightroom plugins up and working. First, find and figure and out the plugin you want. There are a number of sites where you can do this, a good place to start will the Adobe plugin site itself. Check for compatibility before you download, it would be pointless to download Lightroom 5 plugins for your Lightroom 4 update. It is highly recommended that you store your plugin files with extension .lrplugin in a safe location where you will not accidently delete it.

Now open the Adobe Lightroom software and navigate to the plugin manager, it should be available under the File ribbon. In the plugin manager you will see the plugins already installed in your system. Even it’s the first time you’re opening the file you will still be able to see a few as Adobe installs some by default. Click on the Add plugin button, which will open up a dialog box where you can add new plugins. Browse to the folder where you have stored the plugin file and click on add. You will see the new plugin enlisted. Now you can choose to enable or disable the plugin in the plugin manager as well. Note that some plugin may require restart of the software to complete installation.


Lightroom Tutorials

Using new plugins or Lightroom in general can prove to be quite daunting in the beginning, but with the best Lightroom tutorials you can easily glide through the initial hiccups with ease. The tutorials allow users to learn the basics and concepts behind each tool and get them using it in no time. Also every specific Lightroom tutorial comes along with advanced learner options that delve in to the deeper principle too.

  • Enhance isolated areas of a photo
  • Crop and straighten your photos
  • Perfect your photos
  • Import photos from your computer


Must have Lightroom Plugins

The essential must have Lightroom plugin list will definitely include interior shot editing plugins, natural image editor plugins, film emulation plugins, color and analog and editors, and workflow plugins. Though most top plugins are available for download free of cost, you will have to buy Lightroom plugins to add some advanced options.



  • LRB Portfolio

  • Juice Box Image Gallery Plugin

    Free and Premium (starts at $45))

  • fontoGallery


  • WP/LR Sync

  • Animoto Lightroom plugin

  • 500px Publisher


  • jAlbum plugin


  • Lightroom Export Plugin

    Premium $99 (Free trial Available)



Lightroom Backup Plugins

Having a good data backup is the key to professional editing, and the Lightroom backup plugin allows you to do exactly that. In addition to saving your files to a secure location in your hard disk, the top backup plugins also enable cloud backup, that automatically encodes and updates your photos into a retrievable account, and replicate images in the Lightroom folder hierarchy.



Lightroom Color Plugins

Color effects can bring even the dullest photos to life, and with the help of the Lightroom color plugin you can do a lot more than just adding a dash of color. The best plugins enable you to do life-like color correction to images, add various color effects from cinematic to contemporary art styles, apply color touchups to human models, edit blemishes and imperfections, and lots more with ease.



Lightroom Effects Plugins

Lightroom effects plugin is a powerful tool that works to improve the quality of the images to a set standard. The free plugins can be used to easily convert normal RAW images to any quality right from wedding photography to cinematic sequence shots with ease. The effects can be applied easily with roll back allowing complete flexibility.



    Premium $14.00

  • De-blur and sharpen images

    Premium $69.99




Lightroom Editing Plugins

Like images, even professional photographs require a lot of editing; and the Lightroom editing plugin enables you to get it done with ease. Edit anything from facial structures, backdrops, textures, colors, frames and even lighting effects with ease. The premium plugins also allow users to easily manipulate reference objects and shading as well.

  • Mosaic Texturepack

  • Landscape Drama

  • Perfectly Clear

    Premium $200 (Free Version available)




Lightroom Gallery Plugins

With the Lightroom gallery plugin, creating your personal style with your photographs will no longer be a problem. The HTML and Adobe flash player compatible plugins can be effectively utilized to create web galleries, printable gallery styles, exhibition style galleries and portfolios. Also choose from a wide range or carousel and slider preview options as well.



Lightroom Social Network Plugins

Photo sharing couldn’t get any easier than with the Lightroom social network plugin. With instant synchronization to various photo sharing social accounts, export and publish your best pics with ease directly from Lightroom to social accounts such as twitter, Tumblr, Snapfish, PiWigo and lots mote with premium plugins. Also add watermarks on the fly while sharing as well.

  • Lightroom Photo Tweeter


  • Export to Photobucket







Lightroom Video Plugins

Adobe Lightroom also allows users to professionally edit videos as well, with the help of the Lightroom video plugin. The plugin is completely compatible with Lightroom 5 and other previous version and allows you to manage video assets, export and import videos, edit and modify them and control the bit rate and various parameters.

  • Any File Lightroom Plugin

  • HDRinstant

  • Video-Asset Management





Lightroom Import and Export Plugins

Resolve all file transfer issues using the multifaceted Lightroom import and export plugin. The premium plugins don’t just enable transfer or RAW image data, but also allow compression of large data files, conversion between different file formats, loss-less and nondestructive feature detection and so on with ease. Also publish your photos directly to your portfolio with the export options as well.



Lightroom Frames & Border Plugins

Photos take a new perspective with frames, and with the Lightroom frames & border plugin you can add a new dimension to your work. Select from numerous themes and frames and include them into your design, control the color, texture, size and every single detail of the frame with ease using the free plugins as well.



Lightroom Plugins for Photographers

Created specifically for photographers, the premium plugins make the job of editing a lot easier. With a user friendly interface and powerful editing options, the Lightroom plugin for photographers brings everything from color correction, special effects, image correction, face editing tools, lighting and elevation changes under a single tool belt.



Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets save the hassle of editing each parameter to obtain the desired ‘look’ or ‘style’ to the portrait. The top presets allow numerous effects to be applied to photographs right from bridal setup effects, cinematic edit effects to even fantasy and landscape effects with just a single click. Though most presets are free for download some have to be bought from the developers.

How to use Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets make the job of portrait photographers a lot easier by providing quick fix effect settings. With the presets you can simply convert any photo to any style you have in mind. For instance if you have portrait of a sports game that requires a little aggressive and dramatic touch to it, you can simply choose an appropriate preset and add the effects instantly. The preset will automatically apply the saved settings and convert your photo to your desired image in a sec. The Lightroom presets can be installed into the software by simply importing on to the user library of Lightroom. Find the User Presets option on the left hand navigation and import any number of presets to the software and start using them right away.


Must have Lightroom Presets

Hundreds of Lightroom presets are available on the web, but most can just be junk. But there are some specific ones that definitely make it to the must have Lightroom preset list. Wedding photography presets and landscape presets are essential to any professional photographer. Also based on specific requirements users can also choose to install nightclub presets, portrait presets, wildlife photography presets and so on.


Lightroom Preset bundles

The Lightroom preset bundle comprises everything a photographer would require for a flying start. The premium preset bundles include essential preset settings for particular genres such as celebrations, club effects, hipster and contemporary art style portraits, facial close-up portraits, black and white photograph setting and so on. The preset bundles can be switched to suit specific requirements.


    Premium $19

  • 450+ Pro Lightroom Presets Bundle

  • Pretty Presets Collections

    Premium $299




Lightroom Wedding Presets

Wedding style photography is definitely one of the toughest, but with the Lightroom wedding preset, it could be a walk in the park. With numerous specific settings such as gentle luxury, retro elegance, wedding dream and so on to match various moments at a wedding, the presets can a be a handy tool to let your creativity work.


    Premium $29.00

  • Wedding Looks

    Premium $14.5

  • Wedding Collection

    Premium $19




Lightroom Presets for Portraits

Lightroom can be as effective for designers as it is for photographers. With the Lightroom preset for portraits designers can render and recreate stunning portraits with models and products with ease. Each specific setting has been optimized to suit a specific mood, allowing designers to closely match the pictures with the desired setting.

  • Perfect Portrait

  • Free Lightroom Presets for Street Photography

  • Black and White for Portraits





Lightroom Vintage Presets

Bringing vintage portrait effects can be challenging, but the Lightroom vintage preset will make it look effortless. The best presets allow you to add vintage effects to product photographs, model, self-portraits, specific events, and even to cinematic photographs with ease. The vintage presets also involve complete correction to make the image look authentic.

  • Prolost Bespoke
  • Lightroom Vintage Presets




Lightroom is not just a powerful editing software, but also a necessary tool for any photographer looking to make a career. The versatility, numerous inbuilt functionalities, and the flexibility offered by the plugins make Adobe Lightroom indispensable for any artist.

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