Magento – The Favourite Cms For Ecommerce

in CMS,Magento, - May 4, 2015

Magento has steadily built upon its status as the best and most sought after CMS since March 2008. Magento is open source eCommerce platform empowering several online stores. Magento versions are available for free downloading and are amicable to customization. Magento is flexible enough to meet all your unique needs and constantly grow with you by virtue of its extensions collection. There are thousands of templates and themes to jazz up a Magento website and Magento Extensions to help your website expand its forte. The Community edition is open to modification of the core system; whereas the Enterprise edition has more features and functionality but it is not free or is not open to modification of the core system.


Magento Market Share

When other contemporary open source Content Management Systems are struggling to keep up a maximum of 9% market share; Magento has been holding a staggering 26% of the market share this year. 2014 saw a healthy 35% added to Magento’s user website count. The toughest competitor for Magento is WooCommerce, with the next best market share. The statistics are based upon the data compiled from all the top 1 million site groups. Magento has surely widened the gap between the higher ranking CMS.

Magento Usage Verticals

Business websites, heath websites, shopping websites, technology websites, adult websites, automobile websites and many others use this dynamic CMS. Over the past years, the number of Magento based ecommerce websites in the top 10, 100 and 1000 e-shops has increases drastically. The shift of the best adult, sports, health, and technology and business websites towards Magento has also been obvious. These figures show how Magento has been able to make a name among the most demanding and discerning of webmasters from all niches, apart from the core niche of web commerce.

CMS (Ecommerce) Interest Over Time

Ever since its launch in 2008, Magento’s popularity has steadily grown over the period. It has been observed that countries like India, Nepal and Netherlands have been the biggest users of Magento this year. The other countries in succession include Bangladesh, Estonia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malta, Ukraine and Romania. It has been shown that the Magento themes, templates, various extensions and admin are the most sought after when it comes to ecommerce CMS based search query statistics on Google.

Why to Choose Magento

Magento offers versatile content management with a plethora of marketing and management tools. The templates are responsive and contain advanced filtered search options. They also have SEO capabilities which ensure faithful creation of submission of sitemaps, URL rewrites, MetaTags and Meta descriptions. The Magento sites are powerful, spacious and leave room for customization. They are coupled with sufficient analytics and reporting along with catalog browsing which makes quick import and export a viable option along with Google base integration.

1) Versatile content management, Marketing and Promotional Tools :  Visual-based page editor allows shop owners to build and customize their offerings on the fly. Flexible Coupons or Pricing Rules, Great Membership Support.

2) Responsiveness to grab more deals from increasing Mobile commerce : Magento shopping carts are developed responsively, making them seamlessly viewable on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

3) Advanced search engine optimization : 100% search engine friendly, Supports sitemaps, URL rewrites, Meta titles and Meta descriptions.

4) Analytics and Reporting : Integrated with google analytics, Perfect admin dashboard for reports which delivers accurate sales reports.

5) Catalog Browsing and Management : Quick import and export options for catalog, Google base integration, Supports downloadable digital products with advanced pricing rules.

6) Powerful and spacious : Magento can host up to 500,000 Products on one site, and can handle 80,000 orders per hour.

7) Site Management That supports Globally : Multilingual, Supports for localization in Multiple Countries, Conversions can be in multiple currencies with respective tax rates.

8) Built-in upsells and cross-sells : Admin can easily add prompts to browse related options on product and checkout pages, enhancing user experience and increasing sales potential.

9) Supports Multiple Payment Gateways : Multiple payment options can be used with the help of Payment extensions in magento connect, Admin can choose their preferred Payment method.

10) Intelligent filtered search for shoppers : Improve user experience with dynamic search features that filter products according to a multitude of parameters.

11) Checkout : One Page and One step checkout processes with secured SSL support.

12) Shipping : Multiple shipping options like shipping to multiple addresses in one order, Multiple shipments for one order etc., Free and Paid shipping according to the admin preferences.

13) Customer accounts : Flexibility for the customers to Manage, Track, Cancel orders, report proble with the product etc.,

14) Order Management : Admin will have complete access over customer orders, Create, Edit, Fulfill orders as per the customer requirements.

15) Customer Service : Rich customer accounts with order tracking features, contact us forms and live chat features for quick solutions

16) Saves time and money : Magento is open-source, yielding an expansive library of custom extensions developed by that aforementioned worldwide community.


Businesses using Magento

Over 200,000 renowned companies use Magento. The more popular names include Nike, Ford, Lenovo, Nestle, Samsung and Olympus. These market magnets have trusted Magento for their online business. Many of the other companies include Rebecca Minkoff, Rovia, RosettaStone, 9nvironment, munchkin and VIZIO. There are companies among the big names that started off as small online endeavors holding the hands of Magento and have now emerged to become household names.

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