Magento Plugins to manage WorldPay Transactions

in CMS,Magento, - July 5, 2014

Worldpay plugins are a good way to conduct secure transactions and maintain a reputable website. You will get just that and more when you install these Worldpay plugins for your Magento ecommerce site. The extension provides an integrated payment process through an existing merchant account. It supports call back facility and also secures credit card payments. This extension helps in keeping your ecommerce site safe from virtual thievery and easy transactions are provided to the customers. The Worldpay payment gateway also comes with a test mode which you can check after installing it to see how efficient and safe it is. After that you can install it to your Magento site fully. To get the test account you just to register on their site which is free.


 The Worldpay payment plugins are the best option for your ecommerce sites since they deal with heavy traffic. These plugins are safe and they do not crash. Frequent updates are available to clear out any glitches which make sure you and your customers enjoy hassle free shopping. These plugins offer remote administration which helps in capturing and refunding invoices thorough Magento. They also offer a very premium feature which is the Test and Debug mode, this helps in getting a beta test on the plugin before you actually install it. These smart and reliable features make Worldpay plugins a top option for your Magenta site. Experience hassle free transactions like never before with these payment plugins.

WorldPay Extension
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WorldPay (Business Gateway)
Barclaycard SmartPay Payment Integration for Magento
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