Magic Actions – Youtube Video Enhancement Add on

in Browser,Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Opera, - November 10, 2014

With more than 60 hours’ worth of videos being uploaded on YouTube in every hour, it’s hardly anything to wonder that it is by far the most heavily visited video website of the world. The discerning web user’s Internet experience derives a lot from YouTube with so many riveting videos spread over hundreds of genres available. Why not enhance your Youtube video experience and take to the next level with the most wonderful add on for YouTube – Magic Actions.

Magic Actions - Youtube Video Enhancement Add on

The Magic Actions advantage for video lovers

Use your mouse wheel to change volume, explore HD content without meddling with your YouTbe HD settings, and conjugate the cool backlight feature with the remarkable auto Cinema capability to savor the best flavors that YouTube has to offer. What’s more;

Magic Actions also takes away the nagging advertisements that are otherwise forced upon you at the beginning in the middle of videos.

With the auto HD feature ensuring that the best video quality is showcased, the auto Cinema feature expanding the video window to the maximum possible size for your device screen, and a selection of 40 backlights to lend the vibes of a real theatre to the way you watch videos – Magic Actions is truly a magically effective enhancement over the mundane YouTube sessions you would have got used to by now. Here’s more on all the marvels of Magic Actions for your favorite browsers.

Magic Actions youtube enhancer

Empower Chrome with Magic Actions for unmatched YouTube entertainment

Your favorite browser is all set to become your home entertainment package with Magic Actions adding to the impact of YouTube videos seen using Chrome. Explore the best possible viewing quality with smart features such as auto HD, and complement the same with the hassle free volume controls and the appeasing backlight. Of course, you’ll never have to sweat at irrelevant and irritating advertisements that interrupt the routine YouTube sessions.

The next level of YouTube videos with Magic Action for Firefox

The Magic Actions add on for Mozilla Firefox is a must have for any video buff. Trust the add on to bless your default YouTube video player with fantastic new features and buttons. Use the auto cinema and auto wide features to ensure that you get the best possible view of the video content. Not only will you find using the mouse to control YouTube video volume while browsing using Firefox, but will also appreciate the mood based backlighting options it comes with.

Magic Actions for Opera – a powerful and unforgettable enhancement for your browser

Control auto play, video annotations, in-video advertisements, viewing angles, resolutions and volume as effortlessly as possible with the Magic Actions add on in action. Trust the breezy backlights to make lengthy videos easier on the eyes. With all these and more features, all Opera users out there have tones of reasons to add the Magic Actions extension to their browsers to experience the next level of video entertainment when they browse their way to YouTube the next time.

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