8 Best Membership Plugins for Magento

in CMS,Magento, - August 26, 2014

There are plenty of benefits that can come your way after you change your website into membership website. By offering paid membership services on your site, you can provide both paid and free content to your site visitors. Those who pay and signup for paid content, they will be entitled to get access to exclusive content which will always remain inaccessible to the general audience. There are many kinds of membership plugins for various purposes. Some allow easy integrations of different kinds of payment modules. Your website will be able to support payments from multiple gateways such as PayPal, Payza, MoneyBookers and more.You can easily activate or deactivate any of the payment according to your business needs.


 If you provide downloadable content on your site, a download manager will protect downloads from getting accessed from people who are not authorized to access them. By setting permissions, you can allow only people who are acquired permissions to access the download. Are you offering different subscriptions through your site? If yes, through membership plug-in you can manage the length of the subscription. For instance, if you are offering ‘basic’ level of subscription, you can assign time duration to set the expiry period for that subscription. Also, you can set different payment gateways for different subscriptions. The whole idea behind offering membership plug-ins is to offer the best user experience to your audience. If you spend some time at looking some of the available membership plug-ins for Magento, you will realize how you can add more features to your site by simply installing a plugin.

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Magento Membership Extension
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Marketplace Membership
Customer Membership Pro
Loyalty Program
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