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Bukkit Software

Just in case you thought that creating your dream Minecraft server will cost you too much money, will involve too many painstaking effort, and will not exactly result in high performance server, check out Bukkit. The new age Minecraft server mod is the most impressive Minecraft server customization applications to hit the digital spheres till now, with underlying focus on ease of customization, automatic and in-built upgrade mechanisms, and above all, the best performance without any bloat. Plus, with dedicated plugins for several integral Minecraft server mod tasks, Bukkit becomes the hottest thing for gaming admins out there.


Installing and Managing Bukkit Plugins

Minecraft is undoubtedly among the most loved games; it has really taken the gaming world by storm. Discerning gamers particularly love Minecraft because of the multiplayer options, which are so sophisticated that you can new servers to add more features to the gaming experience, such as teleportation and money stakes. Of course, that’s not possible with the traditional Minecraft server; you need Bukkit, which is an open source version of Minecraft’s conventional server, as it supports all kinds of plugins to add to the pleasure of gaming. Once you have Bukkit installed, you have 2 options to install plugins.

1. By using your control panel to install plugins through FTP

2. By using 3rd party FTP solution such as FileZilla

Here are the steps you need to follow to install plugins using FTP method and control panel-

1. Start your Bukkit server at least once and ensure that it is running properly.

2. If you’re running a Bukkit server, you will be able to see the ‘plugins’ folder in the FTB File Access, where you can go using the Control Panel.

3. You need to click on the folder named ‘plugins’.

4. Now, the desired plugin needs to loaded into this folder, and that is done by simply dragging the plugin and dropping it the plugins folder, provided you have it already with you on your hard disk.

5. Wait for the upload to complete, and then click on the red cross (x) mark appearing at the upper right side of the upload menu. Once you are done with this process, you should be able to see the plugin in the ‘plugins’ folder.

6. Now, restart your Minecraft server. When you do this, and are back to the screen after the restart, you will observe that the plugin will have installed in the folder, and might have generated a sub folder in the ‘plugins’ folder. This is the folder where the uploaded and installed plugins configuration and system files are stored.

The process to be followed when you prefer using a FTP solution such as FileZilla is mostly same, just that you need to connect to the server via FileZilla, or any other 3rd party FTP software, and then follow all the steps from uploading the plugin in the ‘plugins’ folder for it to be installed.

Minecraft Bukkit Plugins

Bukkit is a developer API that Minecraft users find to be a lifesaver. Admin plugins let you disable or enable chat functions, have an automatically generated white list, report players who break rules and much more. There are plugins which allow diagonal blocks, and even some which have self-protect systems for PVP servers. The plugins come with city plots, city protections, proximity snitches and grief reverts. Plugins can also play audio notifications whenever a player’s username is mentioned. To explore the fun side, there are plugins that allow you to talk to NPCs, have an ultra hardcore version where regeneration doesn’t take place when you eat food and teleportation is disabled.


Must have Bukkit Plugins for Minecraft Software

Plugins allow the use of God stones which completely replenish a player, stones which allow players to build cities underwater, and let players move entire projects from one place to another. Bucket plugins even allow you to become a wizard and use spells! There are plugins that allow players to make and place their own skulls. These skulls then target and attack mobs and players. There are some darker plugins that allow people to exact revenge or just get someone killed. These awesome Bukkit Plugins allow keeping custom scoreboards, ranks and offer customisable colours, fonts, titles and much more. There are even options for prison-themed serves which eliminates anything that is left over after mining people. The options vary widely and vastly, and BestPlugins is your most reliable guide through this indecipherable maze!

  • WorldEdit

    Fix Griefing issues, Create and replace blocks and many more hand bound tools
  • Essentials

    Chat and nickname control, Moderation control, Economy support and many more.
  • PermissionsEx

    Flexible architecture with several backend support
  • ClearLagg

    Remove all unnecessary entities to speed up your game.
  • CraftBukkitUpToDate

    Enable disable automatic download, deactivate pluginlog and more
  • WorldGuard

    Blacklist unusable blocks, ability to disable enable various minecraft features
  • Vault

    Allow access to vault info, A unique identifier with notifications
  • ChestShop

    Get stats from your server, and various protection features like anti-lag protection and more.
  • Enjin - DonationCraft

    Create multiple styles, categories and subcategories, and option to enable email notifications


Admin Plugins

Made to provide a more enjoyable Minecraft server admin experience to you, Bukkit admin Plugins are equipped with smart features such as exclusive commands for ops and admins, anti-hacker and anti-griefer tools, manipulating a player’s points, and even managing the chat features. Create the most advanced menus for in-game options access for yourself as well as other players, keep password crackers at way with the infallible 2-step verification systems, manage niche tasks such as horse ownership and stables management, and leverage all-in-one PvP managers to ensure a worthy gaming experience for players – all this and more with the best of admin plugin for Bukkit.

  • LWC

    Single block protection plugin to protect contents of chests, furnaces, dispencers
  • OpenInv

    Open your neighbours inventories, Works with offline players
  • Foundboxx

    Set user permissions, Clear unnecessary lists on restarting the server.



Anti Griefing Plugins

Brace up for the next level of anti-griefing action for your Minecraft servers, using the best in class anti-griefing tools from the stables of Bukkit plugins. Keep all kinds of grief at bay, right from building/breaking, thefts, spawn camping and fire to spam, lava and more. Leverage authentication plugins with multiple steps, bless yourself with special ‘trusted’ level access, or delegate the admin rights in terms of authentication to somebody when you need to be away! No need to manage rosters or seek support from trained admins; Anti-Griefing Plugins do it all for you. Right from dedicated anti-grief plugins aiming at niche grief aspects to wholesome solutions that tackle all griefing attempts, there are some really astounding picks awaiting you.

  • Lockette

    Lock your servers and give access to limited users
  • Frame Protector

    Protect your layers and not allow others to delete them
  • Factions

    Self serve anti griefing plugin which allow users to edit their function lands.



Chat Plugins

Are you geared up for some really impressive chat related Bukkit plugins to provide you all the control you need over your Minecraft server? Block out swear words by configuring the QWERTY, have customized messages sent across to players who use swear words in the game play, use single shot chat delete to clear out all the chat messages, and avoid repeat messages in short time durations, with advanced char plugins for Bukkit. Bring the magic of Faction chat to your server and enjoy broadcasting messages to groups or the entire playing army. Extended Bukkit Chat Plugins even allow you to change the standard Bukkit messages to provide a truly specialized gaming environment.

  • AutoMessage

    Easy to use chat plugin which helps admins to broadcast information quickly
  • LegendaryMessages

    Highly customizable plugin that displayes all kind of messages.
  • MChat

    Provides all necessary functions for chat plugins, Create different chat channels


Bukkit Developer Tools

Whether you’re a newbie or a hard boiled programmer, Bukkit brings together some really special Bukkit Developer Tools. Managing player points, configuring the working of chat options, managing custom server commands, and revamp the way nametags appear on screens – all this and more using sophisticated developer plugins for Bukkit. Explore advanced teleportation options using developer tools, implement player behavior based customized personal messaging, use fine grained permissions and privileges to control the server, and pretty much do everything that you would want to do as a developer for your Minecraft server, using superb developer tools plugins for Bukkit.

  • Massive Core

    Item stack and inventory serialization, Supports plugin integration, etc.,
  • Buycraft

    Create donation packages and give rewards to your regular users
  • VariableTriggers

    Create define manage triggers for various blocks


Economy Plugins

Not that Minecraft needs many more spices to keep players engaged but it always gets better when the good old forces of economy are at play, and Economy Plugins for Bukkit do just that. Allow players with 5 levels in Minecraft to send some of their level to fellow players and bring back some spice in the game, all this with very simple commands. You can also find plugin that allow players to sell their items quickly. Imagine inventories popping up for sale, and players trading their levels for useful inventory, provided they have available shops allowing them to complete the trade. Then, you can use plugins to even sell your commands, to single players as well as groups of tens and hundreds of players! Make yourself, moderators and part time administrators exempt from the need to purchase commands and convert your server into a fully fledged trade machine for yourself.

  • SignShop

    Setup physical shop and sell chest items.
  • Shopkeepers

    Set up admin shops and player shops, get supplies from chest and many more.
  • iConomy

    Easy to use plugin allows you to create lottery system, Shops, card games etc.,


Bukkit Fixes

Anything amiss with your Bukkit server? Let fixes plugins come to the fore. Control scoreboard mechanics, create and clone worlds without using MultiVerse, allowing access to scripters, organize roles and ranks in your team, and do everything to take firmer control of everything that’s not exactly perfect with fixes plugins. Not only can you use plugins to differentiate between players dying because of competing players and those dying from environmental elements, but can also leverage plugins that build upon the capabilities of previous plugins from a single developer! Fixes plugins also let you weed out issues with translations, allow you to add more in-game features, and pretty much add to the overall gaming satisfaction that you can deliver!

  • Safe Creeper

    Control creepers, Withers, EnderDragons, Enderman, TNT, Fireballs etc.,
  • CombatLog

    Customize messages, Remove players, Block commands, Supports Teleportations and more
  • NoLagg

    Separate components, Remove entities, enable and disable them freely.



Fun plugins

If you’ve had a bit too much of all the high intensity Minecraft gaming action, it’s time to add some more fun to the recipe with irresistible fun plugins for Bukkit. Use troll plugins that post funny and fake messages, such as false messages of banning particular players, etc., and see the players go into a frenzy! Then, there are advanced Bukkit Fun Plugins that help you to change the standard behaviors of in-game objects such as creepers and horses. Add new items and enhancements in your server, totally independent of the Minecraft Enchantment system, and experience the next level of gaming. Enhance wardrobes, add more scenarios and sceneries, snatch a player’s points and add to another, and do all the crazy stuff with fun plugins for Bukkit.

  • Citizens

    Talk lively with Denizens, centries, Traders and more
  • Bow Spleef

    Create multiple arenas, Save inventories, Supports automatic signs and more
  • DisguiseCraft

    Get different animated characters with different colors



Bukkit Mechanics

Warm up to mechanics plugin to change the very dynamics of Minecraft gaming on your Bukkit server with some interesting tweaks. Rid prison servers of lag using Mechanics Plugins that automatically send mined blocks to the inventory of a player. Then, let a mechanics player help players friend and unfriend fellow players, and gift yourself another tool to effortlessly send out customized warnings to players in the game. Mechanics plugin also improve your administration experience by helping you with blanket control over several plugins, and letting you add more items to the game, apart from modifying existing ones.

  • PVP Arena

    Create customizable arenas to enhance gameplay in minecraft
  • EchoPet

    Designed to add pets that follows players on minecraft
  • mcMMO

    Adds fourteen unique skills to train, Highly customizable through configuration files

Bukkit Mechanics


Informational plugins

Why not add some control over the data associated with Minecraft gaming on your Bukkit server by using some of the most power packed Informational Plugins for Bukkit? Among the more interesting informational plugins are a few that help you identify AFK players, apart from automatically tagging such players’ names with (AFK) in the end, just so that the other layers would know. Then, you might also want to work with plugins to punish players who use swear words, identifying the top scorers and publishing the information dynamically, and broadcasting timed messages that behave as per the clock or get triggered at events.

  • Bukkit Fun Plugins

    Completely customizable items, sounds etc., Supports player visibility toggler.
  • ServerSigns

    Allows unlimited commands per sign, and mix several types in one sign
  • CoreProtect

    Restore the damage, Record and manage data withour effecting the server performance.

Bukkit Informational Plugins


Role Playing Plugins

Ready to transform your Bukkit server and Minecraft gaming on it into a new avatar with role plugins? Unleash difficult and dynamic quests on your layers with plugins that help you trigger unpredictable outcomes, add all sorts of new enhancements and items with associated roles into the gaming environment, and make your server much more than something limited to survival. How about villagers behaving as players and responding to your provocations? How about new weapons and new powers for special characters? You just have to step into the world of Role Playing Plugins for Bukkit to begin warming up to the unknown flavors of Minecraft gaming.

  • MyPet

    Take your pets on a lead, train them and make them a powerful companion
  • CrackShot (Guns)

    Gives you gun, granides, lindmines many more to crack the game.
  • Health Bar

    Customize text on mob head, add health and relevant bars to the game character.
Role Playing Plugins


Minecraft is destined do go down in the history books of the digital universe as the most engaging gaming experience for millions across the globe, and close at its heels will be the mention of Bukkit. Make gaming, administration, management and enhancing server a fulfilling, efficient, and quick activity with the fabulous multi-faceted Bukkit plugins at your disposal, so that you can savour the perfect blend of Minecraft and Bukkit.

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