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Mozilla – Amazing Browsing Experience

Mozilla Firefox is a feature-rich, fast and free to download web browser. Premium inbuilt features include tab-browsing, pop-up blocking, integrated Google bar, streamlined privacy controls, and other notable features that help you get the best online internet browsing experience. It is the top most used browser in the world.


Mozilla Firefox Addons, Plugins, Extensions

Extensions are add-ons, plugins and new additions that provide new or extended functionality to a browser or can even be used to change its appearance. Mozilla Is built around an open, customizable design and program structure, enabling the addition of “add-ons“. Although some of the best Mozilla extensions are free to download, there are also a few top premium extensions.


How to install and Manage Mozilla Addons

Add-ons can significantly enhance Firefox with new features, language dictionaries, or even change its appearance. Through add-ons, we can customize Firefox to meet specific needs and requirements. Extensions essentially add new features to Firefox or modify existing functionalities. Adding Firefox addons to your Firefox browser is literally as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Begin by clicking on the Menu button, hit the Get Add-ons button.
2. Go to the Get Add-ons panel on the Add-ons manager tab.
3. Just click on the add-on you want to know more about, and if you want to install it, just press the green coloured Add to Firefox button, which will begin the installation.
4. Another way to do step 3 is to use the Search functionality; just type in relevant words, find the appropriate add-on, and click on Install button.
5. You might be prompted to confirm the installation of the add-on.
6. Hit the Restart option once the installation finishes, and you will see the add-on operational for your Firefox installation.

Additionally, add-ons can be managed, disabled, and even uninstalled from the Add-ons Manager in Firefox. Add-ons specifically marked with “No restart required” can be installed without restarting the application. Most free and premium add-ons are created using the Add-on SDK. Most other add-ons require an application restart before you can use them. In Mozilla, updates are automatically installed by default. Newer versions and top rated extensions will alert you that updates to your add-ons are available


Mozilla Firefox Most Popular Add ons

Most of Firefox’s appeal trunks from its powerful system of add-ons, which allow users to download and install plug-ins that best add to Firefox’s functionality. It is in fact, not far-fetched to say Mozilla owes its success to such top rated free and premium add-ons as Firefox was the first browser to widely use them.

  • Adblock Plus

    21,163,142+ users

  • NoScript Security Suite

    2,266,357+ users

  • Video DownloadHelper

    5,527,236+ users

  • Firebug

    2,399,619+ users

  • DownThemAll!

    1,457,963+ users

  • Ghostery

    1,406,729+ users

  • Greasemonkey

    1,360,978+ users

  • Web of Trust - WOT

    1,237,335+ users

  • Flash Video Downloader - YouTube HD Download

    1,200,458+ users

Mozilla Appearance Addons

These top Firefox add-ons change the visual appearance of Firefox. Mozilla’s appearance add-ons allow users to easily download and install the best themes and skins for Google, Facebook, YouTube, and many other linked sites. Many free as well as premium add-ons allow for customization of Firefox and other programs themselves.



Firefox Media Management Add ons

Mozilla’s best media management add-ons enable users to share pictures, videos and links to top social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and  even LinkedIn. Free and premium add-ons even come equipped with a built-in image search and editing tool, making them best way to post great quality pictures in an easy to view format.

  • FlashGot Mass Downloader

    1,092,786+ users

  • YouTube High Definition

    290,754+ users

  • Download Flash and Video

    679,474+ users



Mozilla Bookmarks Addons

Try out some of the top rated and Mozilla free and premium bookmark add-ons enable users to synchronize their Firefox bookmarks across multiple systems, backup their bookmarks to a centralized server, view their bookmarks online, and even add tags while adding bookmarks. Password Synchronization is also an option in the best bookmark add-ons, available for download.

  • Speed Dial

    486,211+ users

  • IE Tab V2 (Enhanced IE Tab)

    597,287+ users

  • iCloud Bookmarks

    422,611+ users



Firefox Web Development Plugins

Mozilla’s besttopdownloaded web developer add-ons extend Mozilla Firefox’s functionality by providing various options such as adding a multi-option toolbars for working with web pages. Some free and premium add-ons even have an option to inspect CSS styles of page elements that will inform the user as to what CSS attributes they have, so they could modify them accordingly.

  • FireFTP

    636,193+ users

  • User Agent Switcher

    401,137+ users

  • Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant

    2,127,639+ users



Mozilla Social Add ons

For those users who cannot get enough of Facebook, developers have created the best free and premium Firefox add-ons just for you to download! The Facebook Messenger add-on for example, integrates the social network’s controls directly into Firefox’s user interface, which allows users to keep running tab on all of their Facebook contacts. So download these top social add-ons now!



Firefox Tab Management Addons

Try out these top rated free and premium tab management add-ons! The ability to effectively manage multiple tabs at a time is the single biggest reason why so many users even download and use Firefox as their default browser. Many of Firefox’s best add-ons enable users to customize their personal tabbed-browsing, or even just add a multi-colored progress bar!



Mozilla Security Add ons

If you’re looking to download the best and safest browsing experience, these free and premium security add-ons for Mozilla are just what you need. Most of the top add-ons rate internet sites for their security risk, prevent unwanted pop-ups from appearing and can also be customized to permit on JavaScripts from trusted domains to run in the browser.


Firefox Shopping Plugins

Love shopping? Looking for the best price on a product? Need to know how much it’ll cost you to ship it? Then download these free and premium shopping add-ons for Firefox, which offer such extensive shopping aids such as categorizing from more than 50,000 of the top online store right to letting you know if there are any discount coupons for the site you’re visiting.

  • CouponsHelper

    53,090+ users

  • The Amazon 1Button App for Firefox

    178,664+ users

  • eBay Sidebar

    45,501+ users



Mozilla Productivity Extensions

Want the best add-ons that will add to your overall productivity. Choose from a variety of topfree and premium productivity extensions that will do everything from making sure you remember all your important dates, to allowing you to browse multi-page articles at once, to being your own personal assistant! Download these great productivity extensions now.



Firefox YouTube Plugins

Love YouTube, can’t get enough of it? Then why not choose and download the best from a wide array of free and premiumYoutube add-ons for Mozilla which come with features that automatically enable users to play all their YouTube videos in high-definition. Many add-ons also come with necessary tools such as a buffer for slow connection, auto loop features, video-quality selection, etc.

  • YouTube Video and Audio Downloader

    623,641+ users

  • Download YouTube Videos as MP4

    967,018+ users

  • 1-Click YouTube Video Download

    767,571+ users



Mozilla Popup Addons

If you spend a significant amount of time on the Internet, you’ll know that pop-ups are a fact of life, However, there are both good ads and unwarranted bad ads that just won’t go away. Now, download one of the many free and premium based popup add-ons for Mozilla that give you top results and the best browsing experience by managing your popups.

  • Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon

    1,287,649+ users

  • Strict Pop-up Blocker

    105,971+ users

  • Pop-up Controller

    26,267+ users



Firefox Adblock Plugins

Tired of those annoying ads just popping up at the wrong moment? If so downloading these free and premium ad block plugins for Mozilla will do everything from blocking every ad on the Internet to filtering out certain website so that you can see their ads! So try out these best, top rated ad block plugins now.



Mozilla Tabs Extensions

Tired of looking at those same old dull and grey tab buttons? Liven up your browser and download these top of free and premium tab extensions, the best of which offer up to ten different toolbar button sets, provide support for dark systems, enable the merging of multiple menu bars into one single menu button, and even copies Urls of All the Opened tabs in a window.



Firefox SEO Addons

Need quick and effective SEO tools? Choose from these free and premiumSEO add-ons, which perform functions like SEO optimizing the websites you visit, obtain and inspect vital SEO parameters and can even analyze web pages and let you know how well they fulfil Search Engine Optimization criteria. So try these top add-ons and download the one best for you.

  • SEO Toolbar by Moz

    39,436+ users

  • SeoQuake SEO extension

    69,261+ users

  • SEO & Website Analysiss

    13,268+ users


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