9+ Useful Mozilla Extensions for Image Zooming

in Browser, - May 30, 2014

Every website nowadays makes good use of images to draw in traffic, and to better explain its contents, or to simply add effect. In many cases, we might come across web pages where the images are not too big, or not corrigible enough. In such cases, there are many extensions that can be used to zoom in on the images, and get a better look. There are many different extensions that are available now, and they all have their own unique features.


For example, there is one zoom extension where there is an independent page with a zoom manager and four different zoom modes, such as Default Zoom, Fit-to-width and others. On the other hand, there is an extension which is solely made for Facebook users, where you can zoom in on Facebook images with ease, and without having to look at unclear images. Also, there are some extensions which let you not only zoom in on images, but also rotate images, and even display images, and even videos on custom background. This is an extension which apart from being a splendid zooming extension is a kind of basic image editor as well! And lastly, there are some really good extensions which will not just stop at zooming in on images, but they even incorporate a slideshow feature! So you get to enjoy images in full screen mode, and also in a slideshow effect, which just makes going through images all the more fun for the user; all this and more with the top Mozilla extensions for image zooming.

Image Zoom

Image Zoom

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Zoom Page
Default FullZoom Level
Thumbnail Zoom Plus
Facebook Photo Zoom
Picture Zoom Plus(+)
ImageTweak: zoom/rotate images and videos
Full Screen Image Viewer
azid - Amazon Zoom Image Downloader
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