8+ Best Mozilla firefox plugins to Clear Cache

in Browser, - June 7, 2014

Cache is a place on your hard disk where your internet browser stores stuff that is downloaded just in case if it is required again and when the cache gets full, you need to clear it to make room for newer things. Whenever you encounter web page problems, you are often advised to clear your cache. Many times web developers keep updating files comprising the site that you may be visiting to introduce a new feature or modify the already existing ones. If a file that has been cached by your browser is changed, the old one will keep getting served, that is the cached version and you will be unable to see the most recent modifications in the website. This is what makes it necessary to clear cache form time to time.


Mozilla Firefox offers some of the best plugins for clearing cache the quick and easy way. These free plugins allow you to delete your browsing history, erase all temporary internet files, remove downloaded files history, cookies, Flash LSO and typed URLs. Premium features include deletion of private data when Firefox closes. Some plugins can install a clear cache toolbar button. After the extension is installed, the clear cache button can be found in the toolbar customization panel. The top plugins add a customizable presence to your browser’s statusbar that provides you with latest information on your browser’s cache usage, both RAM as well as the hard drive. You can also specify a limit which when reached, activates automatic cache clearing.

Empty Cache Button
Clear Console
Clear Cache Button
Cache Status
Clear Cache
Clear History
CleanQuit (Desktop)
Clear Dns Cache
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