8+ Mozilla Firefox Plugins to Manage Duplicate Tabs

in Browser, - June 12, 2014

Using tabs is always more advantageous than opening pages in separate windows for simple reasons such as convenience and ease of operation. Also, your computer uses lesser memory if only a single browser window is open. If you wish to open a webpage in another tab, you can use the option of duplicating tabs with the top Mozilla Firefox plugins to manage duplicate tabs. These free plugins help you manage duplicate tabs by offering premium features such as duplicating tabs, tab clicking options, detaching tabs to place them in a separate window, merging all windows, undoing closed tabs and windows and controlling tab focus. Some plugins also include a full-featured session manager with the very useful options of crash recovery.


This helps you to save and restore combination of opened tabs and windows. All these actions can be performed the way you like- by toolbar buttons, shortcut keys or context menu items. Few plugins also help you detect and automatically close cloned tabs and thus allow only one tab for a single URL. In this case, if a link that is already opened in a tab is clicked again, the already opened one is focused instead of opening a new one. These features are especially useful for those who keep opening lot of duplicate tabs and blank tabs and who look for automatic deduplication. Try these plugins to make your browsing experience with Mozilla Firefox even better by managing duplicate tabs using the various features that they offer.

Tab Mix Plus
Duplicate This Tab
Duplicate in Tab Context Menu
Duplicate Tab
Duplicate Tabs Closer
Duplicate Tab Blocker
Duplicate Tab Closer 1.0
Duplicate Tab
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