9+ Best Email and NewsLetter Plugins for WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - July 16, 2014

Creating an attractive newsletter and sending them to your viewers is a sure shot way of making your viewership increase and your website builds its reputation in the process. With the many Newsletter plugins for WordPress you can now create newsletters and send them to your viewers easily. These plugins offer all the features required to make a professional newsletter dedicated to your website. You can edit the newsletter any way you want with the premium features these plugins offer. From customizable text to stylish background colours, you will never have to worry about newsletters again. You can add unlimited amount of subscribers to the list. This will keep track of how many people you are sending the newsletter to.


You also get tracking with each email address provided that they have signed on your subscription list. These plugins are very useful to let viewers know what new content and features have been added to your website and this also increases your websites reputation. These plugins are available for free from numerous online websites. With the top class features this plugins offer you can just sit back and watch as your website makes it big. These plugins come with a subscription form which is necessary to be filled in in order to get the newsletters. However many Newsletter plugins for WordPress have this integrated with the WordPress user registration so no extra sign up is required. These plugins are the best option to make sure you keep sending attractive newsletters to your viewers’ year long.

MailChimp Social WordPress
Email newsletter
ALO EasyMail Newsletter
MailPoet Newsletters
OptIn Ninja - Ultimate Squeeze Page Generator
Chimpy - MailChimp WordPress Plugin
Groups Newsletters
MyMail - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress
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