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Opera – Fast and Secure Browsing

Opera browser is coming back with a bang. It’s simple, fast and safe way of browsing is making its mark again in the top browser community. You can now Download Opera browser for your MAC or your PC from the same platform. Even Android devices are privy to their exclusive service.


Opera Extensions, Plugins and Addons

What complements Opera’s precise and versatile functions is the expansive repertoire of extensions. The Opera extensions and add-ons include mobile extensions, themes, YouTube downloaders, extensions manager etc. They integrate seamlessly and improve the functionality of the Browser software. Downloading these extensions is now even easier thanks to the online directories which have lists of multiple Opera extensions with different filtering options. The new and revamped security options are especially commendable as they provide complete security solutions and troubleshooting options.


How to Install and Manage Opera Extensions

Without extensions it would not be possible to add varied functionalities and features to your Opera Browser. While some extensions run constantly in the background, others are temporary. So managing these varied extensions requires not skills but avid knowledge of the extensions manager. Now we come to the very obvious but important question of, how to install an extension.

Here we must remember that most of the extensions are available in the extensions catalog. To find them:

– From menu, go to Extensions > Get Extensions.
– Get More Extensions, from the extensions manager.

– Simply click on the Extensions Catalog link.
– Locate the extension you want to install and just click on the “Install” button.

One must remember that these extensions come in .oex format, clicking on these files directs you to the installation box at one go.

So how do you uninstall or disable an old extension which you do not require any more? Uninstalling is possibly even easier than installing an extension on Opera.

– From menu, choose Extensions> Manage Extensions
– Locate your desired unused extension(s).
– Click on Disable or Uninstall.

You can also change individual settings of these extensions by using the extensions manager. Just locate your extension, click the settings option on the right. Here you can add new settings for the privacy and security. Generally the extensions only interact with secure pages but with the new settings you can make them interact with private tabs as well.


Most popular Opera Extensions

Most popular Opera add-ons are spread across multiple categories and have varied functionality. These add-ons and extensions include security extensions, media extensions, especially YouTube plug-ins and add blockers, social media options etc. Safe Downloading plug-ins is almost ubiquitous to all popular Opera extensions lists. There are specialized extensions for mobiles as well which are compatible with both Android and Windows OS.

  • Adblock Plus

    16,427,371+ users

  • Gismeteo weather forecast in speed-dial

    15,828,501+ Users

  • Speed Dial for YouTube

    8,784,848+ Users

  • SaveFrom.net helper

    7,819,264+ Users

  • AdBlock

    5,117,546+ Users

  • Ghostery

    1,953,955+ Users

  • Translate

    1,818,106+ Users

  • ZenMate for Opera

    400,384+ Users

  • Adguard

    1,236,748+ Users

  • Download YouTube Videos as MP4

    1,232,674+ Users

  • µBlock

    558,930+ Users

  • Amazon for Opera

    274,453+ Users


Opera Accessibility Add-ons

Most of the top voted accessibility Add-ons from Opera includes tab managers, new scrollers, zooming add-ons, link alerts, autoplay options from popular streaming channels like Vimeo and YouTube. You can easily manage your dowanlods, opened pages, bookmarked pages etc by using one or more of these freeOpera Accessibility Add-ons.



Opera Appearance Plug-ins

YouTube ad blockers, Facebook ad blockers, Dark skin for YouTube, new themes for social networking sites, color changers and image auto-sizers are all included among the best and most demanded Opera Appearance Plug-ins. not only do these plug-ins make your browser look trendy, they also improve the speed and functionality of your browser and websites.




 Opera Developer Tools Extensions

From adding multi-functionality toolbars to cookie managers, the category of Develop Tools Extensions for Opera covers every aspect of web development and managing. Most of these extensions include a responsive design especially those involved with Web Design testing. There are options for quick SEO analysis and easy switching options between user-agents.




 Opera Download Add-ons

Now make managing downloads through your Opera Browser even easier by installing the Download add-ons which include YouTube downloaders (MP3, MP4 and HD videos). Official Opera extensions for master management of download are also available. Now download from your favorite channels by using one or more of these OperaDownloads Add-ons for free.

  • VKontakte.ru Downloader

    3,158,946+ users

  • FastestTube - YouTube Video Downloader

    3,239,205+ Users

  • YouTube Downloader

    1,696,852+ Users

  • FVD Video Downloader

    450,408+ Users

  • Download Chrome Extension

    442,497+ Users

  • Download Master

    170,690+ Users




Opera Fun and entertainment Plug-ins

The fun and entertainment plug-ins is an umbrella term that encompasses all the extensions which can help you play better quality games on Opera, manage gaming extensions, download music with one click buttons, turn off lights during online streaming of videos and movies. Starting from Stumble Upon to Bad Piggies there are hundreds of such downloadable add-ons which enhance your entertainment experience on Opera.

  • TED: Ideas worth spreading

    1,528,213+ Users

  • Turn Off the Lights

    1,353,429+ Users

  • Super Mario Crossover

    540,248+ Users

  • YouTube Center

    290,657+ Users

  • Online Tvs 24/7

    349,300+ users

  • Yes! Dance

    63,109+ Users




Opera Music Extensions

YouTube to MP3 converters and SoundCloud buttons are a must when it comes to high quality browsing experience; so pimp up your Opera browser today by using these free but awesome Music Extensions. Other add-ons include Flash Radio, Online Radios, BBC online players etc for an enhanced music experience on Opera.

  • Youtube to mp3 converter

    73,743+ Users

  • VRT Radio Now On Air Speed Dial Extension

    302,093+ Users

  • vPause

    59,668+ Users

  • Seesu Music

    73,160+ Users

  • Online Radio

    53,666+ Users

  • Flash-Radio

    56,904+ Users




Opera News & Weather Add-ons

Get your weather and local/ international news updated every minute of your browsing experience. These extensions can add RSS feeds, weather widgets and News Feeds to your WebPages and keep you updated while you work. Location preferences and time constraints can be added for notification and updating of the content.

  • Gismeteo weather forecast in speed-dial

    15,830,565+ Users

  • The Weather

    4,420,724+ Users

  • Live news feed

    1,277,991+ Users

  • Weather Forecast

    556,334+ Users

  • Yandex.Weather

    180,261+ Users

  • Feedly

    61,576+ Users




 Opera Productivity Extensions

Productivity has a rainbow of extensions under its name which includes the YouTube speed dialer, online photo tagging options, online security and privacy protection plug-ins, Gmail on speed dial, Instagram one click buttons, and PDF viewers. They enhance the efficiency of your browser and cut down your work time immaculately. Most of these amazing extensions are now available for free for all versions of Opera browser.

  • Photo Tagger

    4,514,335+ Users

  • Gmail on speed dial

    3,456,847+ Users

  • Speedie-gram

    342,093+ Users

  • DuckDuckGo for Opera

    259,030+ Users

  • Evernote Web Clipper

    236,856+ Users

  • Clearly

    210,807+ Users




Opera Search Plug-ins

Live search options are very necessary when it comes to locating your keywords in a text rich environment. So Opera brings to you easier ways to locate your text, images and videos by implementing search plug-ins. These work on YouTube, Bing, Torrent, and other websites too. Downloading these free plug-ins and installing them is as easy as it gets.

  • Similar image search

    223,483+ Users
  • Torrents MultiSearch

    138,406+ Users

  • TinEye Reverse Image Search (Context menu)

    93,756+ Users

  • Bing.com

    88,282+ Users

  • InSite Search

    44,461+ Users


    26,044+ Users




Opera Shopping Add-ons

Let us start with one click add to cart options and then proceed to price comparators, tracking orders, free shipping options, Amazon on speed dial etc, which can all be accessed via these freebut premium extensions. With these dynamic extensions even eBay will now be on your speed dial.

  • Amazon for Opera

    276,143+ Users

  • eBay Extension for Opera

    144,926+ Users

  • 2GIS for Browser

    73,506+ Users




Opera Social networking Plug-ins

With these new social networking plug-ins now Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other popular social websites will now be at your fingertips. Manage your pictures, comments and likes by one click buttons embedded on your toolbars. Easy multi-language downloads make these plug-ins hot favorites among all users from around the world.

  • Speed Dial for Facebook

    2,874,609+ Users

  • Twitter Notifications

    1,043,231+ Users

  • Gmail Compose

    40,748+ Users




Opera Translation Extensions

Translate as you visit, these Opera Translation Extensions can translate paragraphs of rich texts with the blink of an eye in more than 30 different languages. Download and install these premium plug-ins and visit websites in different languages without being lost in translation. They can also directly integrate Google Translate seamlessly for more language options.




 Opera Adblock extensions

These ad-block extensions are free and absolute; you can use them for uninterrupted YouTube viewing, Vimeo usage etc. Block ads while you shop, talk or create. This blissful experience comes at no cost as most of these OperaAdblock extensions are available for free public downloading in scores of websites including Opera’s own extensions repository.




 Opera Android extensions

These extensions are especially designed for Android users across the globe. Now you can optimize your phone browsers with Privacy, security extensions, ad-blocking extensions, shopping plug-ins, developer tools and much more. Simply download and install from among the thousands of advanced OperaAndroid extensions.




 Opera YouTube Add-ons

Most YouTube add-ons are absolutely pre-requisite for music and movie lovers. They include ad-blocks, watch-list creating extensions, auto-play and auto pause options, backgrounds darkening options, YouTube downloaders etc. They can be downloaded specifically for YouTube. More than one versions of Opera browser can work with these free but cool add-ons.

  • YouTube Downloader

    1,699,180+ Users

  • Youtube on speeddial

    322,186+ Users

  • Dark Skin for Youtube

    73,725+ Users




 Opera Privacy and Security Add-ons

Unblock websites or track whosoever is tracking your web browsing with these up-to-date Opera Privacy and Security Add-ons. They provide flawless service in spite of being absolutely free and easily available for downloading. Encrypt your websites, delete browsing history, blockonline threats and malwares without clause by using the free Privacy and Security Add-ons for Opera.


Opera is a multi-facility browser apt for MAC, PC as well as Android users. Opera is never stagnant; it continuously evolves by virtue of the thousands of extensions, plug-ins and add-ons which are now available for free for all users around the world.


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