Best Add ons to Boost Outlook Performance

in Software, - May 5, 2014

Outlook has been the staple of many people across the world. The effective plugins available extend Outlook’s functionality by adding features like connectivity to Hotmail and removal of duplicate emails. These plugins offer to recover passwords, which is very beneficial for forgetful users, and saves them to encrypted PST files. Plugins help you send mass emails without the recipients knowing how many others it was sent to, and they also let you build your own address book by adding new recipients of emails or replies to pre-specified folder.


The plugins also feature email organizers which let you file away your email for easier sorting. These plugins even have email schedules which let you set times to send specific emails, and can be configured to do so regularly. If you’re plagued with a lot of spam email, these plugins come to your rescue with powerful spam and junk mail filters that clear out your inbox in a jiffy. There are also add-ons which alert you of new emails, while other plugins help you with optimized printing facilities.

The Outlook plugins even let you back up your email files, messages, rules, contacts and settings in case you ever shift machines or lose your data. If you regularly access restricted attachment types, the nifty plugins let you bypass these rules easily and quickly. Other plugins integrate RSS feeds into your email, combining two tasks into one. BestPlugins will steer you towards the most functionality extending plugins that a user can find!

Recover your deleted Email Messages – Recover My Email


Download Add-in


Set reminder to send followup emails – Email Follow Up


Download Add-in


Send SMS Text Messages to GSM Mobile Phones – Microsoft Outlook SMS Add-in (MOSA)


Download Add-in


Easily export outlook data to CSV – CodeTwo Outlook Export  

Download for free


Filter and delete duplicates in simple steps – Remove Duplicates from Outlook Express

Remove Duplicates from Outlook Express

Download Add-in


Do not forget to Attach Files – Outlook Attachment Reminder


Download Add-in


Find important information quickly – Lookeen


Download Add on


Fax for Word


Download Addon


Place Microsoft Outlook Calendar on your desktop – Outlook on the Desktop


Download Addon


Access outlook items between two computers – Sync Outlook between 2 computers


Download Add-in


EmailMerge PRO 4Outlook

EmailMerge PRO 4Outlook

Download Addon


Tweaker for Outlook Express


Download Add in


Attach Unblocker


Download Addon


Speeds Up eMail Response Times – InsertText for Outlook


Download Addon


Outlook AutoConfig


Download Addon


EmailNotes for Outlook


Download Addin


Outlook Reply All Reminder


Download Addon

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