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Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is the one stop shop for anything and everything about raster graphics editing, and has stamped its supremacy in a fiercely competed digital design world. Right from the very basic image editing to the most advanced and sophisticated video editing – Adobe Photoshop covers everything in around the two extremes and everything within. Graphics designs expressing revolutionary ideas, marketing graphics that transform the impact of flyers, banners and posters, portrait fine tuning that makes ordinary photographs look like artistic masterpieces, and much more – that’s the Photoshop experience. Whereas animators, designers, commercial printers, graphics designers and illustrators can hardly dream of their world without Photoshop, even professionals from verticals such as forensic technicians, fashion designers, astronomers, and film makers have a world of design capabilities to use and leverage with Photoshop.

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Photoshop Plugins


Photoshop plugins are additional software pieces, files and module bundles that plug in to the core Photoshop installation and add some exciting capabilities to the fully loaded design application. Plugins bringing in hundreds of mesmerizing patterns and brushes to speed track your complex design projects, filters and effects plugins that convert your designs and images into masterpieces in a single click, borders and frames to add structure and strength to your designs, and housekeeping plugins with features such as batch management of images, retrospective naming of layers, conversion of image formats, and 3D-fying of your images – this is what you get with the terrific range of Photoshop plugins.


How to install Photoshop Add-ons

Adding extensions and plugins to make your installation of Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, the latest package from the software giant, is super easy.

You will need the Extension Manager to do so, and thankfully, it comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop CC. Here are the steps you need to undertake to move ahead with installation of plugins for Photoshop.


Step 1 – Installing Extension Manager CC

1. Head over to the Adobe CC website and download the software package for Adobe Extension Manager CC, available as a zipped folder.

2. Ensure that you’re not using Photoshop, and extract the contents of the downloaded package.

3. Once extracted, browse to the extracted folder and double click on the Set-Up.exe installer package inside it. Read the on-screen instructions and move through the prompts to complete the installation.


Step 2 – Sync the desired add-ons with Creative Cloud

1. Open Photoshop and hit the ‘Help’ button available in the menu bar. From the options, select “Browse Add-Ons…”. You will be taken to the official Adobe website for all add-ons.

2. Search for the add-on that you want using the search box, or check out all the visible add-ons on the landing page and identify the ones you want.

3. Click on the icon of the add-on that you want added to the parent Photoshop installation and check out its price from under the name of the add-on.

4. If you have your Adobe ID, use it to login if prompted to do so. Confirm your payment if you’re shopping for a paid add-on.

5. The add-on will be automatically synced with Photoshop, extending its capabilities.


Step 3 – Downloading and installing add-ons using the Extension Manager

1. Not only can you download plugins from 3rd party websites, but can also find the download link from the Adobe official website for add-ons as well, without having to necessarily sync them. To do this, open the web page linked to the add-on and click on ‘Where to Find it”, and “Download/Install your add—on another way” After this, click on the “Download Add On” option.

2. Open Extensions Manager. Then, go to Photoshop, select Help and click on “Manage Extensions…”

3. In the File Menu, click on “Install Extension”. Now, specify the add-on downloaded by you, bypass any warning messages, and exit open Adobe applications such as Acrobat.

4. Restart Photoshop, and you will have the plugin ready to perform!


Must have Photoshop Plugins

Build your library of Photoshop essentials and leverage the best plugins for speed-tracked design success. Step past the ordinary with classy filter effects and advanced image manipulation plugins from Photoshop. Bring in the gift of productivity with smart import export and task management plugins, and build upon your digital assets collection with quirky plugins to snip, extract, correct, convert, compress, and infuse your PNG, JPEG, SVG and PSD files. Leverage dedicated plugins for brushes, effects, filters, borders and frames and hit the perfect zone for fulfilling and wholesome designing sessions with Photoshop.



    Best for: Photographers, photo editors, graphic designers, 3D artists
    Adds support to randomization locks, So you have more control over your Parameter randamization
  • WebZap

    Good for Web Designers.
    Create Mockups in Easy way
  • Layrs Control

    Good for Designers
    Work your way around layers and control them effortlessly
  • CSS3Ps

    Best for Web Designers
    Convert your Photoshop Layers into CSS3 with single click

    Good for: Graphic Designers and Web Designers
    Automatically Sync all your new patterns into your online database.
  • GuideGuide

    Best for Web Designers
    Creating grids and guides is easy now
  • Flaticon

    Good for Web Designers
    Choose from 62724 icons and design your own icon in simple steps
  • Pixel Dropr

    Best for : Designers
    Create icons, Buttons, ui designs in simple steps
  • Renamy

    Best for: Photographers, Graphic Designers and Web Designers
    Select and rename multiple layers at a time

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Photoshop Actions

Photoshop’s supremacy stems from the astounding capabilities that it equips designers and graphics artists with, ‘actions’ being right at the pinnacle. With programmed image enhancements that transform your Photoshop arts into mesmerizing artistic masterpieces.


Free Photoshop Actions

With some value adding free actions up for grabs, you can expect to achieve eye-catchy transformations such as colour blasts, retro light leaks, gritty colour treatments emulating vintage cinema, Instagram styled effects, and more. Open up the gates to experimentation with cross processing and theme based actions coming to the fore. Also, explore categories of free actions based on themes such as nature, graffiti, landscaping, retro and contemporary.

  • Turn Night Photos into Twilight Photos

    Add twilight effects to your night photos with different colors, Brighten sky features etc.,
  • 3D Isometric Map

    Convert your flat maps into 3D with just one click
  • Retro Style Actions

    10 Preconfigured retro style action to transform your photos with retro effects
  • Light Leak Actions

    Make your photos amazing with great Light leak actions
  • The Mini Collection

    Includes 10 Retro, 5 Lightleak actions and vintage scratchy brushes.
  • Sketch Action

    Create sketch style image by using an image.


Premium Photoshop Actions

For unmatched differentiation, shop for some premium Photoshop action Plugins that bring in to your design desks the best of automated successive layered editing. Premium action packs come with impressive ranges of unique and well guarded automated effects for your Photoshop designs. Master niche designs exploring themes like sunlit imagery, expressive imagery focusing on emotional cues like smiles and frowns, deep rooted colour tones and more, courtesy premium Photoshop action scripts.

  • 237 Premium Photoshop Action

    Photoshop Actions like Color Wonderful Photo Master Diamond Shot Maker etc.,
  • PROActions Bundle

    This Plugin gives you 72 proffessional and unique actions which wont harm your original photo.
  • 100 Photoshop Pro Actions

    Choose from hundreds of photoshop actions and get your work done in seconds
  • 40 Fade and Matte Photoshop Actions

    Make your good photos into Amazing photos with simple clicks
  • Photo Designer

    14 Different actions from Traditional sepia to replication of selenium
  • 67 Premium Photoshop Actions

    67 Actions with premier toner, Sepia, Background Blur tools


Photoshop Styles

Adobe Photoshop styles refer to pre-made styles by eminent designers or your own styles that can be saved to be used over and over again. These Photoshop Styles Packs combine 8-bit styles, filmatic styles, sci-fi styles, birthday styles and much more. They come with layer definitions which make it much easier to customize them. These extremely cool packs can change your text or image by just a single click.


Free Photoshop Styles

Photoshop styles are a collection of most popular sets of effects which can be used time and again by the users to achieve desired visual enhancements, that too for free. The effects are mostly rendered by using layers and hence can be easily changed or adjusted by tweaking the opacity and brightness settings. More elements can be easily added to the pre-made actions. One may find 16-bit color actions, 35mm film inspired layer effects, hue effects, special actions for sunset and sunrise scenarios and much more.

  • Gold text effects in Photoshop

    Gold style text effects looks great in dark backgrounds
  • 3D Transparent Glass Text Effect

    Fully layered Psd and asl files with stunning 3d glass effects

    Text style with wood effects, and supports all major fonts
  • Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles

    Helps you to create amazing web elements like buttons, headers, content backgrounds
  • Glass Text Effects

    PSD and Asl files with 3 different glass style text effects
  • Metal Text Effect (Photoshop Layer Style)

    Amazing metal text layer style works great with thinner typefaces


Premium Photoshop Styles

A collection of Premium Photoshop style Plugins  can be used anytime without any tarry. These Premium Photoshop styles come with asl files, studio tools, professional HDR toning, premium color restore options, different most popular shine and skin effects, cinematic color options and much more. They are a ready to use packs of amazing effects which allow endless amounts of editing, addition and deletion of elements to achieve your desired effects. They allow the images to transcend to a whole new level of coolness post-processing.

  • Shiny Metals Photoshop Styles

    Premium $12
    31 shiny metal layer styles with various colors and textures
  • Denim Jeans Layer Styles

    Premium $5
    15 denim jeans photoshop effects and layer styles with high resolution.
  • Artists Photoshop Layer Styles

    Premium $8
    10 artistic photoshop effects and layer styles with psd and asl files
  • Ilumina Glowing Text Styles

    Premium $4
    Amazing 3d text styles with glassy look
  • Metallic Chrome Photoshop Styles

    Premium $6
    11 Different Metallic Ps Styles Can be used for text, shapes, or icons of various sorts.
  • New Gold Styles

    Premium $4
    100+ gold styles can be applied on any text or background




Photoshop Patterns

Use subtle patterns to infuse life into dull layers, or rely on catchy patterns that can come to the fore on their own – all this and more with the best patterns plugins for Photoshop. With awe inspiringly attractive patterns just a single click away, your Photoshop projects will finish quicker and better, courtesy the capabilities of Photoshop patterns plugins. The best of these plugins are synced with ever updating libraries, so you can expect being in the thick of things in terms of the latest from the world of patterns. Sophisticate web based patterns plugins make sense of your preferences and routine pattern choices, and suggest suitable new patterns.

  • Photoshop Patterns

    Great looking Photoshop patters with 6 colors
  • Bubbles Pattern

    Pattern created with circles of bubbles
  • Paper Printout Patterns

    25 different paper printout seamless tiling patterns.

Photoshop Pattern Plugins


Photoshop Filters

Use all-in-one Photoshop filter plugins that help you transform your images and designs to classy masterpieces in a single click. Explore retro themed filters such as Polaroid, vintage Daguerreotype, and cross processing to take your images back in time. Then, with filters that intelligently manipulate focus, field depth and vignette, your stock images will become really attractive. Newbies can use simplistic theme based filter effects plugins whereas more hard boiled designers can explore collections of sophisticated filter plugins having cockpits with all design controls ranging from hues and tints to pixel level colour injection.


    More than 3500 presets lets you filter your images in million possiblities
  • Filter Lattice Composer

    Produce variety of weave patterns, fabric textures, body art tattoos and skeleton simulations etc.,
  • colourstudio

    5 Plugin Filters makes your photos amazing



Photoshop Import Export Plugins

Import and export plugins are built to make your Photoshop experience more manageable, when things tend to get too massive. Save time as you work with multiple Photoshop projects as single button UI based import export plugins help you organize exported files in single folder, save layer transparency at export time, add multilayer export capability to Photoshop, and pass layers names to files. Advanced features such as meta data saving, variable compression, automatic and accurate multiple layer exports – all these and more facilitate truly powerful management of your massive design assets with Photoshop.

  • Layer Craft

    Export ui assets from layers

    Slice your PSDs into PNG or JPG and export them all with one click
  • Render ly

    Export all your assets with detialed specs with one click


Photoshop Brushes

Brushes for Photoshop bring in dynamism to your designs, and the massive range available is impressive indeed. Brushes varying in the style and the thickness of strokes, with added features to control the saturation, hues and tints of the strokes are widely available. Randomizing your designs, adding flowy texts, sprinkling you favourite shades on the design – all this is effortlessly enabled by terrific Photoshop brushes. Bringing out the best blast of colours out of your Photoshop designs and digital photographs, these brushes are perfect for preset saturation effects and contrast sliding.

  • Free Technical PS Brushes

    Technical brushes made from old technical drawings useful for webdesigners
  • Paint Lines brushes

    24 High quality brushes supports resolution upto 2500 pixels
  • Smoke Brush Set

    21 Best Smoke Brushes with colored smoke art pictures



Photoshop Frames

Designing greeting cards, marketing material, and preparing portrait albums becomes more fulfilling with Photoshop frames to add a sense of completeness to your designs. Frames for Photoshop are available in all imaginable shades and styles, ranging from solid wood look frames to contemporary designer metal frames. Also, using edges of your digital photographs as revamped frames is possible using Photoshop plugins. Get ready to package your Photoshop designs well with the best of frames and borders coming to you! Use frames with effects such as out of bound, vintage, retro, contemporary, nature, grunge and light painting and enjoy packaging your designs well.

  • Blue and Gold Vintage Frame Vector Pack

    beautiful pack of vintage frame vectors.
  • UberFrame

    Original uberframe includes Safari, Chrome, yandex etc.,
  • Instant Cool Photo Frames

    25 Psd Templates with cool frames


Photoshop Effects

Stylizing your basic Photoshop designs by leveraging preset effects becomes simpler than ever with plugins for adding awesome effects. These effects use the best of exposure and colour controls and work with image manipulation techniques such as noise reduction and sharpening, and transform routine designs and digital photographs into true eyeball turners. Bless your photographs with a 3D appeal, separate foreground subjects from background, inject patterns in layers, and explore one-click creative enhancements for all your Photoshop designs with awesome Photoshop effects plugins and packages on offer.


    Perfect for fine tuning, and helps you to get whatever design you want
  • AutoMagic Pro Photo Effects Gen1

    43 Artistic Photo Effects that gives your images a new look
  • Exposure 7

    More than 470 presets and creative focussed effects



Photoshop Plugins for Designers

Web Designers and Graphic Designers are in for the dual benefits of productivity and design appeal enhancement with dedicated Photoshop plugins. Offering features such as quick conversion of pixelated graphics to scalable vector shapes, web interface development assistance grids and wire-framing support, exporting vector shape layers to light weight SVG files, and affecting individual transformations with layer groups, these Desiging plugins are real time savers and productivity enhancers. Of course, capabilities such as revamping the colour appeal of your designs, filters for quick stylizing and frames for packaging your designs well bring in a definite design advantage.

  • Color wheel and Color schemes

    Make use of color wheel and get colors which you want exactly.
  • CSS Hat 2

    Convert your Photoshop layers into CSS layers with one click
  • SpecKing Photoshop Plugin

    Creates measurements and specs with a single click
  • Pixel Proliferation

    A Toolset For Managing Screen Resolutions to have a great responsive design
  • Skeuomorphism

    Get beautiful flat design with single click
  • Breeezy

    Adds Multilayer Export functionality.



Photoshop Plugins for Artists

Artists are always faced with the twin challenge of churning out impressive and unique Photoshop designs in quick time, and that’s where dedicated plugins for artists come to the rescue. Collections of subtle as well as striking stylizing filters, dashboards that showcase dozens of effect previews, and plugins that keep you synced with the best design inspirations from the web – the world of Photoshop plugins for artists is for you to explore. Filter forging and morphing opens up possibilities of working out novel digital designs and preset patterns help in quickly completing design tasks.

  • Fractalius

    Create eccentric artworks with simple steps
  • Artistic Tools Viva La Vintage

    25 Vintage actions with great Photoshop Artistic effects
  • Artistic Effects

    High precision effects ensures great quality of designs



Photoshop Plugins for Photographers

Dedicated Photoshop plugins for photographers facilitate effortless colour corrections, skin and dress fine tuning, and HDR-scaping and toning of clicked images. Removing skin blemishes without compromising on vitality of colour tone or tampering with details like cheek contours and eyelashes, noise removal tools to revamp blurred and distorted images, and plugins to infuse subtle textures and add classy frames to clicked photographs – all auger well for discerning photographers. Build upon the unmatched Photoshop 3D engine and renderer to take photography based designs and enhancements to the next level.

  • VirtualPhotographer

    Adjust brighness, Add colors, Ambience and many more.
  • Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 2.0

    Beautiful color effects with more than 100 presets
  • Fluid Mask 3

    Proffessional mask selection, Image processing
  • Noiseware

    Professional plugin that can remove noise from digital photo or scanned photo.
  • HDR Photography

    Create stunning photographs with high contrast senses.
  • Blow Up

    Enlarge your photos without any fear of losing quality.


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