6+ Plugins to display Clock in your Mozilla Browser

in Browser, - June 21, 2014

Popularly known as add-ons to Mozilla Firefox, the fast and free way to surf the web, the Mozilla Plugins for clock can help show times around the world. One could customize to reflect the global time or just the local time as it is desired. They can be strategically placed at the bottom of the browser yet be conspicuous. Interestingly, these plugins also factor in the daylight saving which proves very beneficial. Alternatively, the clocks can be placed in the status bar or in the tool bar or may just be switched off to icon mode. One can choose among the set of useful time formats or go ahead and create a unique one for them which would use the custom formats which are not only easy to create but are very flexible too.

Plugin For Clock

The clock colors could be set according to taste or one could also have the clock change colors during certain hours! With the feature to enable automatic database updates, the user can browse virtually through all the world’s time zones by country, region and city. Its syncing capacity with Google Earth is remarkable with which the clocks could determine any location in its database. The other simpler variations of the Mozilla Plugins for clock include features that allow only a couple of modes of operation- the clock and the timer. The clock mode displays the time format and the timer mode set specific notifications. Therefore, the Mozilla Plugins for clock are great modules to have with features to revere and inculcate.

Simple Timer
Simple Clocks
Big Clock Background
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