17+ Plugins to display clock on your Joomla site

in CMS,Joomla, - June 18, 2014

Time, date, day, month, year – what do you wish to show on your web pages? Well, with so many terrific Joomla plugins for clocks available for you online, you can show all the time related details to the extent you want. The power of choice rests with you as you visit the world of awesome Joomla plugins for clock, each of which offers you different flavors. Whether you wish to toggle between the digital or the analog clock mode or need to tweak the colors of the clocks visible on your pages, Joomla plugins are available for you.

Plugins to display clock on your Joomla site

You can be certain that you will not have to negotiate with the outlook and appeal of your pages when you opt for Joomla plugins for clock, as they come to you in all sorts of formats and designs, leaving you with dozens of options of clocks to show the time and even date and other information on your pages. These plugins are so sophisticated that they offer you immense degree of customizability, right from changing the shape, outline and borders of the clock to altering the font in which the different information bits are shown on the clock module. You can make the clocks show time in any time zone, and that can be done just by fetching the system clock time and making appropriate adjustments in it. Enjoy the terrific collections of clock plugins that help you show time in an artistic and professional looking manner online.

Xorbin Analog Flash Clock
WMT Chrome Clock
Vinaora World Time Clock
Flash Digital Clock
WMT Square Clock
Live Clock Date
WMT Analog Clock
WMT Flip Clock
Analog Clock FX
J Clock
Simple Flash Clock
JLV Clock
Colorful Clock
Art Clock
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