7+ Plugins to Display Clock on your WordPress Site

in CMS,WordPress, - June 20, 2014

Welcome to WordPress Plugins for clock where these functional extensions lend some of the remarkable features to the browser. There is on display a highly customizable, flash free countdown timer which can be positioned in the sidebar or in a post or page with the use of the shortcode. The clock used to display the timings can be either analog or digital. There are wide varieties of clock graphics and innumerable colors and sizes to choose from. With the easy timer that shows a count up/down timer, one can easily schedule an automatic content modification. You can have the display timer and countdown to any date, time or event for further customizations. The date and the time widget is indeed a very useful feature.

Display Clock on your WordPress Site

Some of the other features of the plugins are time zone calculators which calculates, displays and automatically updates times and dates in different time zones with respect to daylight saving. You can easily build the clock into your theme and have additional numerable skins to customize them with. A unique feature for the WordPress plugins for clock has been the fact that they need no flash which consequently means they can be beautifully compatible with pads and most JavaScript enabled mobile devices making the plugins very accessible and functional on very many devices. Make use of these WordPress plugins for clock and get some very functional, useful and effective features in your WordPress interface with which a great amount of customizations can be possible. Such plugins are indeed a steal.

Xorbin Digital Flash Clock
New Year Countdown Clock
Countdown Clock Timer
Local Time Clock
Countdown Clock
CoolClock - a Javascript Analog
Christmas Countdown Clock
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