9 Best Free and Premium Poll Plugins for WordPress

in CMS,WordPress, - July 21, 2014

Poll plugins for WordPress are extremely useful for including polls and discussions on your blog or website. You can add single questions or add multiple options to the questions in order to get a proper poll question. You even get the option of rating the answers so you will know which ones are useful and relevant. With these top class poll plugins your members can interact better on your website and can settle problems and even provide suggestions to what will make your website even better. The polls which are created with the use of these plugins are totally customizable with changeable font and colours so appearance is not an issue.


You can even add a comment section to the polls which will allow users to post their thoughts and and clear their doubts. With these plugins you can add as many polls or surveys as you want there are no limits. You can even add a timer to make sure that the survey gets activated after certain time. These plugins also offer sorting options which help you to sort your polls and keep track of all the results and comments. These plugins are available for free on numerous website online. These come with all the premium features which will help you to make and manage polls easily. These plugins are the best option option if you wish to add a poll or a survey question to your website.

Advanced Polls for WordPress
Responsive Poll
Pollify - Simple Wordpress Poll Widget
Dilemma WordPress Plugin
Poller Master | Ultimate WP Polling System
Polldaddy Polls & Ratings
YOP Poll
Polls by OpinionStage
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