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Prestashop – The Best eCommerce Experience


Prestashop is by far the most coveted free ecommerce platform for businessmen and entrepreneurs to use for creating empower web stores. With its USP of offering the best open source web-commerce development experience to users, Prestashop has grown quickly and grown huge! From basic ecommerce essentials such as shopping carts, quick checkouts, and integrated payments to more differentiated capabilities like automation of shipment and pricing calculations, taxation management, multi store management, and strong marketing tools, Prestashop is a complete web selling system.

Any businessman would want the complete flexibility to expand and enhance his/her web store’s capabilities, as per the changing business environment. Whether you wish to change your checkout design want to integrate with particular payment gateways, desire to implement and manage complex marketing strategies, and need intense reporting to fine tune your product selections, you will never be too far from a Prestashop module that provides you just the functions that you want. Administration aids, marketing tactics execution, customer support servicing, payment gateways management, galleries and sliders enhancements – all this and more are provided for with the best Prestashop modules and add-ons at your service.

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How to install a Prestashop module?

It is really simple to install a Prestashop module, and in fact, you have two methods to do the same. Beginning with the simpler method, here goes –


Installing a Prestashop Module from the Admin Panel

1. In what is the easiest method to install a Prestashop module, you will need to go to the Modules tab and click on the Add A New Module option.

2. If you already have the module files on your disk space, you will need to click on the Browse button and then select the files and upload them.

3. If there are no errors awaiting you, the upload will get completed and the success message will be shown on the screen.

4. You will then be able to see the module appear under the Module tab in your admin panel.

5. Now, click on the Install option and let the installation begin.

6. A configuration note might appear on the screen, click on configure if it appears

7. After you configure the module, the installation will be complete in all aspects


Manual installation using FTP

1. Begin by ensuring that you have a file folder compression software in place. WinZiP, WinRar, and 7Zip are among the few popular choices.

2. When you download a Prestashop module, it is in the form of a zipped package which needs to extracted using any of the tools mentioned above, or any other compression tool. Note that depending on the way in which the package is originally created, you might need to browse into the extracted folder to finally come upon the one folder that contains the module files.

3. You’ll now need an FTP software to upload the module folder into your Prestashop store’s directory and into the Modules folder. If your web host has provided you an FTP transfer interface in your administration panel, you can use the same instead us using a 3rd party FTP tool such as FileZilla.

4. Once the module is placed inside the Modules folder of your store’s directory, you will need to connect to the store’s admin panel and go to the Modules tab.

5. You’ll see the uploaded module present here; click on Install button and configure it if needed.


Prestashop Addons and Modules

Find the best Prestashop Addons and Modules for all your needs. Picking the right Addon can change your store look, performance and sales. We’ve made the effort to categorize the Modules and choose only best ones and can be useful for you.


Administrator Modules

Administration tools allow users to customize the functionality of their online stores and with a lot of ease and efficiency. These tools allow for price management optimization, facilitated bill processing, focused marketing tools and enhanced customer relationships. These tools comply with the EU cookie laws by displaying a responsive and customized warning banner. They also allow users to add fields in bulk to shipping labels to optimize printing jobs. Users can choose a category of their store and arrange products in ascending or descending order according to price, quantity or date using these tools. Thus they can sort mass products.

  • Prestashop Database Optimization

    Remove and clean up all unnecessary information from database.

    Admin can easily edit forms and or remove different type of fields for user registration process.

    Allows customers to create and manage their support ticket and helps admin to track queries according to the priority.
  • Orders Grid Extended

    Allows admin to browse through new orders where admin can easily moniter sales
  • Block IP address Pro

    Helps you to block unlimited number of ips which can be hackers, robots etc.,
  • Prestashop Delete Orders Free

    Adds special sub tab delete button in orders main tab, so that admin can easily delete products



Advertising and Marketing Addons

Marketing is essential for any online store and Prestashop’s marketing and advertising modules users will be able to effectively build their brand, increase visibility and grow their business. These modules are sure to increase web traffic and escalated sales figures. These add-ons send an automatic mail to customers each time they add a product to their cart but do not purchase it. It encourages them to complete sales. They make the store look professional with good, timely follow up and customer care. These add-ons also allow users to create and send their own newsletters with different products from their stores using different templates.

  • Points & Discounts

    Give reward points on purchases to the regular buyers, Organize discounts and many more
  • Google Remarketing

    Manage Google adwords remarketing and Dynamic remarketing campaigns to increase your sales and conversions.

    Create and manage marketing events on your prestashop store and sell tickets/products.
  • Product Votes and Rating

    Extension gives you statistics about behaviour of users and most liked or disliked products
  • Prestashop Popup Pro

    Creates a beautiful popup where admin can add their advertisements or featured products

    Attract your customers' attention and increase your conversion rate.

Featured Product Extensions

All businesses want to highlight certain products in order to best promote them. The prestashop modules allow users to display one or more products in highlights on the websites. Users can create as many gondola heads as they want. Furthermore they can choose one or more product and one or more page. These modules help increase cart average amounts. They allow users to add a title to the block, choose the page where they want to display the highlighted product. This allows customers easy access to the best products a user has to offer on the respective sites. This largely increases chances of sale and helps develop customer trust.

  • Your Featured Products

    Display featured, Best sellers, selected products in every category of your Prestashop store
  • Featured Products Slider

    Customize positions orders of the products and display products in slider as per your need.
  • Prestashop Home new products block

    Create special block with featured products on your home page , You can add or manage them any time.
  • Advanced Top Menu

    A complete graphical customization module to organize your products.
  • Showcase products

    Highlight one or more products in your shop and display them where ever you want on your Prestashop store

    Display selected products randomly on your site home page.



SEO Modules

SEO is vital for the success of the business for any online merchant. These modules increase site traffic by landing on fist page of search engine results. They automatically fill in both Meta tags and social media Meta tags in order to fill optimize their online store to have better visibility for search engines and social media platforms. They help increase conversions with qualified traffic. Furthermore these modules leverage social media like Facebook and Twitter to acquire more customers. Customers tend to find the products they are looking for easily thanks to SEO optimization. Furthermore they become brand advocates by sharing the product pages.

  • Google Rich Snippets

    Increase site visibility in Google search results, Support full product Ratings and Reviews
  • SEO Internal Linking

    Creates internal links in description, CMS Page and Get internal link suggestions which can reduce bounce rate.
  • SEO Meta Tags Generator Module

    Automatically generates meta tags which can boost important search traffic
  • Magic SEO URLs

    Build seo freindly urls, Supports safe change of URLs, validates each and every url etc.,
  • Cache Manager

    Makes page to load faster and reduces number of MySql queries
  • Prestashop SEO Booster

    Adds canonical tags, supports google and bing webmastertools verification, robot.txt editing and many more



Social Media Addons

The best way to promote products on social networks is by offering social networking on the shops. This helps users boost their products on their clients’ networks. Most famous social networks linked to these shops include Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These modules allow a mini shop tab to be set up on the Facebook fan page that allows potential consumers to view the products directly from the fan page without having to visit the parent site. This increases product visibility, consumer base and thus directly boosts sales. These modules also allow the consumer to directly sync their Facebook profiles to a customer account on the business site. This reduces the hassle of a separate account creation.

  • Prestashop Yahoo Login

    Reduces registration process of users with the help of their Yahoo accounts
  • Social Network Links

    Add top social networking site buttons to make your site go viral on social media
  • PrestaShop Social Network Tabs

    Load your favourite social networks and feeds in static tabs.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest Fan Coupons Module

    Give discounts to your customers for joining in your social networks.
  • Prestashop Google Login

    Single click registration process with google plus account.
  • Prestashop Facebook Login Connect

    Enables easy registration and login process to your Prestashop site

Prestashop Social Media Addons


Contact Form Addons

Trust these forms modules to allow users to customize their forms and field types. Users can create all types of input fields and captcha securities. These modules allow users to display forms simultaneously, and establish Recaptcha system of Google. They have adapted responsive web design thus they look good on all screens be it PC, tabs or mobiles. These modules support SEO. They are easy and intuitive and they require no HTML language. Thus these modules are easy to use even by people who are just starting online businesses. These modules allow management of unlimited number of forms. They also generate and display fast forms.

  • Better Contact Form

    Responsive User friendly design with spam protection
  • Ajax popup contact form Module

    Add stylish popup contact form with high customization features
  • Prestashop Ajax Contact Form

    Highly customizable contact form modules with captcha spam protection
  • Contact Form Plus Module

    Supports all kind of field types like text field, text area, dropdown, multiple select, radio buttons, checkbox, validation field, capcha
  • Simple contact form Module

    Easy to use contact form with simple fields
  • Customizable ContactForm Module

    Add mutliple forms with different field types and captcha protection



Gallery & Slider Plugins

Presenting a product to your target audiences is as important as manufacturing the product, and the gallery module for Prestashop add-ons lets you tailor your product pictures best to suit this. With these modules providing as many categories and subcategories that you may need, your gallery can be highly organized. Customizing side block settings, side column settings, intuitive user interfaces, automated regeneration of thumbnails and automated updates, among other functions, help you to design your gallery personally. Due to their compatibility across versions of Prestashop and all the major browsers these modules make your gallery highly responsive and functional.

  • Gallerique - Impression Gallery

    Create user friendly lighbox product gallery and display your favorite products with style.
  • Prestashop Slider

    Create personalized gallery of your photos with more than 40 animation styles
  • Create slides with selected products and highlight them on your Prestashop store

  • Slider Revolution Responsive Prestashop Module

    Create responsive full width slider with multiple animation effects.

    Perfect video gallery prestashop modules with manual and embed video support
  • Customer Photo Gallery

    Allow your customers to upload and manage product photos.

Prestashop Gallery & Slider Plugins


Shopping Cart Modules

With shopping carts being an essential component of business websites, Prestashop shopping cart modules have worked on providing multiple modifications to a basic shopping cart function. With specific choice-based additions made possible to your shopping cart, users can keep adding products or look for complementary or bonus products. Furthermore, details of the last products added, and complete purchase summaries for your cart are made available by these modules. Due to the high customizability factor, you can modify the looks and the content, and adding HTML based creations, images or text can greatly enhance the attractiveness of your cart.

  • Modal Cart 3

    Last product added, Shopping cart summary, and enable flash notification on add to cart action.
  • Push on Cart Module

    Create customized promotional offers to your customers and increase the average value of cart.
  • Prestashop Product page combinations table

    Ajax cart features, sorting features, Displays combinations matrix of selected products

Prestashop Shopping Cart Modules


Search and Filter Addons

Clunky, dense sites are extremely difficult to navigate and put off the user, and thus Prestashop modules for search and filter are designed to help the user pinpoint items. These modules enable searching capabilities directly onto your website and help you save time and bypass procedural hassles. Customizable search parameters aids a streamlined searching and filtering process by finding exact products, or else nearest to the one required. Furthermore, by enabling the options of searching by text, image, brands or other categories that the user may determine, these modules entirely personalize the complicated act of searching for products.

  • Advanced Search 4

    Advanced search module which can bring the needed product in minimal time.
  • Filter products pro

    Quick filters helps your users to find their interest in your Prestashop store.
  • Search products by location

    Allow users to pick products nearest to them using google maps.
  • Advanced Filter Module

    Filter your search according to the categories, Prices, Manufacturers etc.,
  • JoliSearch

    Improve your standard search bar with images brands and categories.
  • Alphabet Brands

    Show filter grid which can navigate to the manufactures alphabetically.



Security Addons

Securing your Prestashop commerce portal is of utmost importance, and the modules that work on these stresses on checking for authenticity and providing cover against attacks. Ranging from providing customer protection from brute force hacking and middlemen to Back Office account protection to checking the registration of mail accounts and users, these modules offer limitless security options. Interestingly, they focus largely on preventing fraud, both identity fraud and financial fraud by checking the authenticity of payment modes and clients. Increasing Prestashop admin security and password protection helps layer the security so that absolutely nothing can sabotage your Internet deals.

  • Riskified

    This module approves guarantees orders and gives detailed stats to admin.
  • Security and privacy

    Secure your Prestashop servers by blocking hidden and visible calls.
  • Registration Confirmation Module

  • Allow Or Deny Access By Countries

    Provides country wise restriction, Admin can display products to only interested countries.
  • Privatize Your Shop

    Restrict users from accessing some least important products
  • Control Backoffice Access

    Mange backend editors of your prestashop store and give restricted access



Payment Modules

The golden word in business sites, Prestashop modules for payment processing focus on offering transparency and varied solutions to different merchants globally. Reinforcing payment procedures can be aided by such functions as charging a fee to customers when cash on delivery options are chosen. These modules also enable payments through offline modes, particularly when using credit or debit cards, for the customers to choose. Payments through PayPal and other Internet portals are the staple of these sites, and these modules add on charges to secure payment delivery, sometimes throwing in gift vouches/certificates to have happy, ready customers.

  • GSPay Payment Module

    Supports Credit and Debit cards and sends shipping and tax info to GSPay
  • Prestashop Stripe Payment Gateway

    Accepts credit card payments on your site directly with Stripe account
  • Payment Module For Societe Generale

    Enables Societe Generale Payment platform for your Prestashop ecommerce site
  • Cetelem

    Accepts payments from your ecommerce customers through Cetelem
  • Prestashop MangoPay Payment

    Allows admin to accept payments through Mangopay with single click
  • PayPal Pro Plus Payment

    Accept credit card payments through paypal, Allows owners to captures amount directly from configuration page

Prestashop Payment Modules


Uploading banner adds to your ecommerce website is the chief way to draw customers, and Prestashop modules specifically cater to generating and uploading customized banners. Inserting banners position-wise, whether header, footer, left or right column lines can be modified according to these modules, and you can even choose whether to put them with products, categories or on the homepage. These modules also have stats analysers to give you feedback on how many and which users click on the banners. By hooking up the banners to specific pages/products on your store, you can effectively market your products on two levels.


    Includes 30 banner skins, create highly customizable and responsive banners
  • Promotional Banner

    Place promotional banners in all pages of your prestashop store to promote your featured products
  • Responsive Banner Manager Module

    Allows admin to create responsive banners with different images and link for each
  • Multi Banners Module

    Mulitlingual and allow you to create multiple banners.
  • Nivoshop for Prestashop

    Create user friendly Banners with any kind of content
  • Prestashop Marketplace Shop Banner

    Easily upload and manage banners on your prestashop store



Ecommerce Modules

The Prestashop eCommerce modules are sure to get set your business in the right direction. The modules can export your orders from Google Analytics. They export number of orders, all the products, references, income per order, taxes, countries and much more! You stand to optimise your profit margin and increase your income revenue. Modules come pre-packaged with isotope filters which show similar products in one page, along with powerful search functions that make it easier for clients to search your webshop. Powerful shopping carts are also available that calculate shipping and delivery charges, along with import/export charges, increasing transparency.

  • Order Management Module

    Admin can operate as customer on site front end to meet customer phone call requirements.
  • UPS Shipping Label Modul

    Gives tracking number to the customers that helps them to track the product in shipping process.
  • Prestashop Gift Cards - sell voucher codes

    Beat your competitors by giving gift cards and vouchers to your regular customers
  • Authorize eCheck Module

    a complete solution for accepting epayments through debit and credit cards.
  • Facebook Ads Order Conversion

    Easily add or update the Facebook conversion tracking pixel on your PrestaShop order confirmation pages without editing any files.
  • Store Manager for Prestashop

    Mange categories and products automatically or manullay to save your time.



Export Addons

Exporting becomes easy as pie with the Prestashop export add-ons! Modules here allow you to export your catalogue in CSV format, helping you keep track of stocks. You could even choose whether or not to get updates for archival purposes and even to confirm the actual stock. Price comparators update prices and availability statuses of your catalogue. Even your dealers can update their catalogue using these modules! Support is also provided for exporting your current catalogue into both Google Shopping, the Amazon marketplace and many more. Invoices can also be exported, and you can choose which fields you want to export, or the period for which you want invoices exported.

  • Moussiq PRO

    Speed up your product comparison by exporting products data.
  • Advanced Export

    Powerful tool to export all product, Payment, Transaction info to CSV files.
  • Export Customers Module

    Export your customers data of your need with the help of filters
  • All data migration

    Export any size of data to CSV Without losing any of it
  • Export Products For Prestashop

    Export category wise products info to CSV.
  • Database Export

    Analyze your prestashop store database by exporting them to excel sheet

See more prestashop export modules


Rich Snippet Addons

If you’re looking to boost your web traffic, the Prestashop rich snippet add ons are for you! Having a rich snippet module incrases click rates, visitors and sales all in one fell swoop. Full customisation means that you can select the order of meta-descriptions, short descriptions and long descriptions. Lowest price/highest price range can also be included in your rich snippets code, and several options for product identifiers like brand, UPC, EAN and supplier code are included. These modules support customer reviews, and you are atomically emailed every time reviews are posted. They are also configurable to show vouchers as review incentives.


    Get more clicks and conversations by highlighting your sight in search results
  • Google Rich Snippets + Product Ratings and Reviews Module

    Increase visibility of your prestashop store with full product reviews and ratings
  • Quick Overview

    Allow users to give ratings and reviews to your products and display them in search results



Localization Addons

The Prestashop localization modules help you cater to customers in their areas more effectively. The modules do translation functions. These translators translate the catalogue of your online store  fast and easily. You could select specific categories to be translated, or even elements in the product description. Independently, they support over 30 languages! You could also use the modules that support Google Translate and have over a 100 languages at your disposal! Local maps are also included in the localisation modules. You could chalk out a route to your business using Google Maps as well. This makes it easier for local customers to find you.

  • Inline Translation Module

    Translate all the phrases with the help of local ips
  • Dixit translation Module

    Translate into 38 languages, including long descriptions, product and payment informations.
  • Automatic Translation

    Instantly Translate your site in 52 languages based on the customer country ip.



Shipping Moduels

Make shipping easier using the Prestashop shipping add ons. They support having different shipping rates for different countries and states, which makes calculation easier. Different departments could also have different shipping carriers, and you could import various postal codes from a CSV. The shipping fees can be sorted via weight or price which ends up being a huge help. You shipping labels can also be automized, and are fully customisable to your needs. Thus, the orientation, size and margins along with the format are entirely up to you. Package tracking is also included in these modules, which increase customer satisfaction greatly.

  • Dropshipping Module

    Send emails to suppliers automatically on successful orders by the customers
  • Shipping fees based on zipcodes

    Set different shipping charges based on the country zip codes.
  • Free Shipping

    Set Delivery rates or free shipping to the customers based on the minimum order price or number of orders.
  • Freelivery

    Categories free and paid deliveries according to your carriers
  • UPS Delivery Status Module

    Offers UPS as a form of delivery which gives updates to the customers regarding Product tracking detials
  • Print Labels Pro Module

    Save time in printing more number of labels which helps to speedup shipping process



Newsletter Modules

Connect with your customers using the Prestashop newsletter modules. These modules make it easy for you to make a newsletter and add selected products to feature in it. You could make customised templates for your newsletter, and edit it as time goes by. The template header and footer can be modified easily, and the template is exportable to CSS. You can easily set addresses to be sent to and customers can easily subscribe and unsubscribe with the click of a button. Filtration of user base by gender, specific product bought, category of interest, language, store, customer range and many more is possible.

  • Synchronisation Prestashop

    Automatically synchronize your subscribers, Customers and add to mailing list.
  • Newsletter Pro for Prestashop

    Gives you editable templates, so its easy for you to edit and add information of your products.
  • Newsletter Maker Pro Module

    Send customized newsletters to your prestashop store subscribers



Now that you are aware of the superb and useful modules options that await you in the Prestashop stables, it hardly needs to be underscored that Prestashop is, indeed, among the most powerful web store development and management platforms available in the present times. Hit the highway to successful web selling with Prestashop and all its superb modules.

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