Make your links Pretty with Prettylink Pro WordPress Plugin

in CMS,WordPress, - July 1, 2014

Managing links can get pretty tricky at times. However, you can’t stay away from using links when you’re trying to make it big with your WordPress website. The Pretty Link Pro plugin comes to the rescue and does it what it says – making your link management so prettily easy and impressive that you forget all the hassles attached with them in the past.


Whether you wish to shrink your link or want to cloak it to some other text, the Pretty Link Pro plugin will let you do what you want in minimum time and with maximum efficiency. You can also safely rely on its services for all the link testing you want. Not only does the plugin work accurately, but also gives you reliable results at top speed. You can use this top class plugin to automotive repetitive tasks and optimize your website in the process. Organizing, sharing and tracking links becomes a breezy affair with the Pretty Link Pro plugin at your disposal.

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