14+ Top Qr code WordPress Plugins

in CMS,WordPress, - June 2, 2014

A QR code is a type of two dimensional barcode being used extensively these days for commercial purposes and you can find them almost everywhere now- newspaper advertisements, billboards, webpages, etc. They store lot of information, present it digitally and many businesses prefer QR codes as they are also SEO friendly. WordPress offers a number of QR code generators which generate custom QR codes and add content to them. These easy to use code generating plugins allow you to insert the QR code right where you want and are armed with various customization options for background and foreground color, alignment, size, margin and many more such options.


 With the help of some plugins, you can also insert a permalink in the QR code which redirects you to the URL and this option is preferred for QR codes that have changeable destinations. QR codes are usually generated in black and white patterns but a few plugins help you create colored ones too. The content defined by the user to be linked with the QR code could be anything from plain text to URLs, email, contact details and some plugins may also allow the inclusion of company logo in the QR code. There are special plugins to generate QR codes and link them to your social media links like Facebook, Blogger, Flickr and others. Use of QR codes makes your presence felt in social media, search engines and everywhere the QR code can be decoded. A Definite boon for businesses, these plugins come to you in free as well as premium versions.


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