WordPress Plugins to Organize Online Quiz

in CMS,WordPress, - July 22, 2014

Ever wanted to include a quiz feature to your WordPress website so that the members can have a bit of fun? Well now you can with the Quiz plugins for WordPress. These plugins offer all the top features which ensures that a quality quiz can be created which the members will enjoy. These plugins have no limits when it comes to questions. So you can make the quiz as long as you want. Also you can add multiple answers to the questions. There are literally no limits. Users can save their scores and share them of other social media like Facebook or Twitter. With the help of these plugins you can design the quizzes in a very attractive manner. These plugins offer fully customizable font and colour features. Also you can add background images to your quizzes.


You get the option of showing the correct/incorrect results at the end of every question or the entire score will be shown at the end. The end results can also show customizable ranking like below average or super genius depending on the total score. With these plugins your members also get the option of saving the scores to their profiles. One of the best features of these plugins is the random sorting of questions and answers. This will ensure that no pattern can be followed regarding the questions. These plugins are available for free on many website online. These plugins are the best option to add a premium brainstorming experience to your website.

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