10+ Rss Plugins for WordPress Worth Installing

in CMS,WordPress, - July 10, 2014

RSS is the best way to keep your visitors informed on the things they need to know and those that deserve their attention. Though RSS has been here a long time, it’s was never as compatible with any other platform as it does now with WordPress. With wordpress, RSS feeds take on a whole new dimension. RSS feeds can now be integrated much more easily and can be made to display almost anything that you want your visitors to see. Also RSS is much faster working with WordPress than with any other. So don’t you think it’s time you installed RSS feeds on your wordpress site? Well if so, then here is a tried and tested out list of the best RSS plugins for WordPress worth installing.


When you installed wordpress, a default RSS plugin might have already been there with the package. But stock RSS plugin has extremely limited customizability, and displays nothing more than plain text that almost begs the user to ignore it. Also most of the default RSS plugins are so complex, that installing and running them might seem much difficult than building a rocket. But with these best RSS plugins, you don’t have to worry about customizability or usability. The top RSS plugins have been selected from a plethora of free plugins, and only the premium ones that top on customizability, ease of usage, performance and compatibility are listed here. Though all the plugins are equally good, it’s strongly advised to install just one, to stop your server site from crashing.

Tag Feed
RSS Footer
RSS Shortcode
Ditty RSS Ticker
WP RSS Multi Importer
WP RSS Aggregator
Super RSS Reader
Category Specific RSS feed Subscription
Readers From RSS 2 Blog Lite
SB RSS feed plus
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