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Safari Web Browser

Safari is now the fastest and the most energy efficient browser with innovative features that make your browsing experience even better. Safari has thousands of amazing add-ons and extensions which will change the way you see this world. All Mac devices now swear by Safari for elite browsing experiences. The Safari updates can be found easily and auto-installed as well, making your work lesser and much easier.


Safari Extensions and Plugins

Safari is a browser that does not try to limit your user experience. You can find the best premium Extensions for safari and they include safari extensions YouTube downloader, AdBlock, exclusive safari extensions iPad and developer extensions which help in magnifying the dynamicity of the browser on any device. Browse through a list of the best Safari Extensions this year and install yours for absolutely free.


How to Install and Manage Safari Extension Tutorial

Installing extensions on Safari is comparable to child’s play. But choosing the right extension may be a little confusing, once you have waded through the deluge of new and old extensions to find the one you desire it is time to install it. Let us take you through the steps-

1. Enable the Extensions Menu.
2. Download the particular extension in Safari and click on it.
3. Confirm the installation procedure.
4. You can now change the preference settings and start using the new extension.

Uninstalling any extension from Safari is equally easy. Sometimes the extensions become outdated or redundant and these demands prompt removal to keep your browser neat and fast. To download the required extensions-

1. Go to Preferences and then click on Extensions
2. Select the extension you wish to Uninstall
3. Select the Uninstall option.


If you wish to simply disable the extension without uninstalling it you can do so by simply unchecking the enable box. The extension will be temporarily disabled hence you can re-activate it any time you want in the future.

But while using a dynamic browser like Safari simply installing and uninstalling extensions is not enough. One must also learn how to manage the extensions aptly. For the same, it is always better to start with a well equipped inventory of extensions. Now let us see a very simple example of how to manage your extensions.

1. Go to the Safari dropdown menu.
2. Click on the Preferences button.
3. Click on the Extensions Tab from the Preferences box.

* This page allows you to manage all your extensions simultaneously. The upper-right hand switch acts as a universal ON/OFF switch. While there are individual check/radio-boxes beside each extension which allow you to enable, disable or uninstall them from the same destination.

4. There are several other checkboxes like the ones which reveal more options (specialized) for each extension. For example, for AdBlock extensions there are options which allow you to manage pages, ads and videos better while browsing and are not the same as other extensions.


Most Popular Safari Extensions

Every year the list of the best and most popular safari extensions keep changing. Each year there are thousands of new extensions which take place of the old ones. This keeps safari forever sleek, fast, useful and intuitive. Amazing assortments of such extensions help in better management of tabs, social networking options, bookmark manager options etc. We are here to find out more about such extensions and their wide ranging functions.

  • AdBlock


  • Pin It button


  • Add to Amazon Wish List


  • DuckDuckGo for Safari

    Search Tools

  • My eBay Manager


  • ClickToFlash


    By Marc Hoyois
  • Awesome Screenshot


  • New York Times Updates


  • Facebook Photo Zoom

    Social Networking

  • Videos for YouTube


  • Facebook Cleaner

    Social Networking

  • Firebug Lite for Safari

    Web Developer



Safari Adblock Extensions

Now browse any website and any channel ad-free. Even the YouTube videos can now be watched without the annoying interruption of the ubiquitous ads. They also include pop-up blockers. In a way, they also prevent the malicious and sneaky attacks on browser privacy brought on by worms and malwares that can come through these unscrupulous ads.



Safari YouTube Plugins

Besides the usual YouTube experience, you can add these extensions to your Safari Browser for an enhanced experience which makes sure that your viewing in uninterrupted, possibly in HD and also can be stored for later. You can create and save your personalized watchlist. Some of these extensions also come with insta-downloaders for MP3 as well as MP4 files.

  • YouTube Wide

  • YouTube Options for Apple Safari

  • HD quality for YouTube




Safari Productivity Extensions

Tiny plug-ins and extensions which have been helping developers and project managers all around fall in this category, without doubt. They include web clippers, timetrackers, key stores etc which improve accessibility and in turn productivity of the stock browser. They are free, light weight and hence provide a seamless upgrade to your Safari Browser.

  • GMail Counter

  • SafariRestore

  • Ultimate Status Bar




Safari Security Extensions

These updated security extensions for your MAC protects you from spywares, malwares and other threats. They reside at the top of the must have, best extensions list and can be availed for free by Safari users. The security plug-ins are seamless and do not slow down the actual browser.



Safari Bookmark Plugins

These Bookmark extensions make an avid browsers life much organized and easy. You can now manage your Chrome extensions on your Windows device by syncing the data with you Mac through these amazing bookmark extensions. Create an easy-access index for your browser on your iPad or iPhone while using Safari extensions.



Safari Developer Extensions

Among the 30+ Safari Developer Extensions there are tools that help you debug HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There are extensions which allow you to resize the safari window and font downloaders which can recognize and download any font from the internet. There are Unicode related plug-ins which can display Unicode information in a popover.

  • Firebug Lite for Safari

  • ResizeMe

  • Statusbar Lite




Safari News Plugins

Get the latest updates and feeds from the leading newspapers like the NY Times, Moscow Times, Breaking News at New York Times etc. There are real-time newsbars that can feature on your browser toolbar; the ticker options which are apt for viewing instant stock quotes from Google finance etc. These are all compatible to Safari 6. Stay ahead by using these News Extensions tailor-made for Apple Users.

  • New York Times Updates

  • 1-Click Weather for Safari

  • Techmeme Less




Safari Media Management Plugins

Now capture, label and share screenshots with one click by using these powerful and wholesome Safari Extensions. You can now modify entire image galleries, manage images, videos and audio files on multiple websites and pages. Now access advanced image searches through Safari 6.0. The free plug-ins offer premium functionalities and management options.



Safari RSS Extensions

RSS tools are ubiquitous in the extensions gallery for Safari. The extensions can add RSS toolbars to your browser. They can list available RSS/ Atom Feeds for each page you browse. They integrate seamlessly to the Safari 6.0 browsers. Apple users can now get the latest feeds at their fingertips when they use the latest premium extensions.



Safari Social Extensions

Social Networking is a must for all net savvy individuals around the world. Hence there are extensions for enhancing the social networking experience of each and every user. For example the Facebook Hover Zoom, the Facebook Ticker add-ons, Facebook cleaners and other cloud chat options which can help you connect better with your friends.



Safari Fun and Entertainment Plugins

Watch cleaner videos without other distractions, light-off options, HD quality of videos on YouTube and other browsing channels. The Safari Fun and Entertainment Extensions allow you to extract the most fun out of the online videos, movies, songs and much more. Users of these extensions get added YouTube options which allow them to auto-play, block ads, pre-buffer settings etc.

  • Turn Off the Lights

  • Hollywood Theatre

  • TVThek Downloader



Safari Translation Extensions

Now you can browse any webpage from any corner of the world without having to worry about language and translation options. With these Safari Translation options, more than a hundred languages can be translated to English and vice-versa. They can directly intercept the original text and translate it to the language of your choice.



Safari Shopping Plugins

Now link Amazon, eBay, FatWallet and other shopping options directly to the homepage of your Safari Browser. This is the dream of any shopaholoic come true. These extensions can also fetch you free coupon codes and promotional offers from around the web for your consideration. Never miss out a single sale again when these shopping extensions are there.



A perfect balance of sleekness, promptness and extension of functions with the add-ons and plug-ins definitely work towards making safari the browser of your choice. The premium choice for Mac, iPhone and iPad users, safari is steadily climbing to the hot favorite list among all browsers.

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