12 Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Search Performance

in CMS,WordPress, - July 23, 2014

Searching is a major issue when it comes to website. Since there are many thing to search about like members or posts or even general information it’s really useful to have a good search plugins installed in your website. These search plugins for WordPress can be configured to search whatever you need from posts to members. Just set the preference of your search and you will be shown the results of the search. These plugins also offer the options to exclude certain results which you do not want members to see. This can be set from the admin panel of the website. But the other features are fully usable by all the members of your websites. Another premium feature these plugins offer is the ability to search keywords.


You can search various keywords on different posts or articles on your website. This helps in finding relevant data quickly and efficiently. You can configure your search preferences by setting the display of the results according to your needs like new to old or high to low. These plugins are the best options for business related websites since product search is a key element of those websites. These plugins are available for free from numerous website online. The premium features which these plugins offer will help you to maintain the service of professional level search engine on your website. You can even include extended search option which will go through the data on the internet to the top results.

WordPress AJAX Search & AutoSuggest Plugin
5sec Search Autocomplete
Ajax Search Pro for WordPress
Woocommerce Live Product Search
SoundCloud Search for WordPress
Custom Google Search
Global Site Search
Search Everything
WP Ultimate Search
Swiftype Search
WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin
Custom Search
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