Top Google Chrome Extensions for IP Checker

in Browser, - May 28, 2014

Every time you visit a website you leave a footprint behind you, which allows tracing. These are digital fingerprints; they are unique and the allow identification of your exact location on the server. This may give away information like country of origin, state, city and much more. Even if and let us hope you are up to nothing illegal, you may want to conceal your footprints. The foremost reasons why you might want to do so are you maybe connecting to the internet from a public area like a cafe or a library and you do not want to by tracked by others or you do not want you surfing preferences and habits tracked by your company and employer etc.


To make hiding you Ip address much easier Google Chrome has come up with brilliant and highly efficient extensions for Ip checking. These extensions have the potential to identify your IP address with just one click. You can use proxy servers and VPN services to hide you true IP address and use these extensions to ensure that the rest of the internet only sees the new IP address. Such extensions provide a number of privacy options and tools for the web users like free Web Proxy, Anonymous file upload, Anonymous email, and much more. Never again have to face the hassle of opening a third party page, hide your IP address and view your current one by using one of these highly resourceful Chrome Extensions.

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HMA! IP Checker
Check IP
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My IP Checker Online
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