Transient Shaper Plugins for best Music Effects

in Audio & Video, - June 23, 2014

Transient Shaper Plugins is a necessary tool for recording and mixing audio. These plugins are mostly used to keep up and sustain the audio. Transient shaper plugins are mainly processors which act as equalizers and compressors. These plugins are best when used for percussion instruments like drums. When the effect is increased the plugins make the drum’s tone sharp and very clear throughout the different layers of audio present in the file. And when decreased the drum sound is mellowed and does not stand out too prominently. It helps the sound harmonize with the entire track. This is done through this particular plugin; however the main sound is left unaffected. These plugin mainly just affect the sustain and attack of the particular track.Transient Shaper Plugins for best Music Effects

With Transient shaper plugins it’s very easy to get perfect balance of the bass with perfectly locking in the drum track with it, making the sound complete and crunchy. The topmost feature in these plugins is the effect they have on the attack and sustain. It helps in equalizing the track and keeps everything in balance. Working on the sustain helps in making the entire track sound more natural without loose ends. Among the best free Transient Shaper Plugins are Digitalfish Dominion and Storm Transient Designer. There are also paid versions available with premium features which help in improving the sound of a track even further. These plugins are simple but effective tools to make sure your compositions are balanced and sound complete.

Bittersweet v3
MMultiband Transient
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