12+ Top Translator Extensions for Firefox

in Browser, - May 30, 2014

Every once in a while, we chance upon web pages which are in other languages than in English. But while working, we hardly have the time to look elsewhere, so we must make do with what we have already found. In such cases, translator extensions help us a lot. While browsing in Firefox, if you come across pages in other languages, you can make use of many different extensions which will translate the contents of the page with just one click. For example, there are extensions which will translate any given page to any language of your choice.


 You can either highlight a certain portion of the main body to get it translated into the language of your choice, or you can translate the entire page. Then there are some extensions which have access to Google Translate, Babylon and Microsoft, where contents of a page can be translated to more than 50 languages. There are dictionaries as well which you can make use of, or you can even back-translate and use text-to-speech features. Also, there are some extensions which can auto-detect the actual language of any page, so if it auto-translates without you initiating it, you can always go back to the original page, in the actual language it was in. There is yet another extension which helps you translate pages simply by highlighting the desired part of the text, right-clicking on it, and the translated page opens up in a new window altogether, keeping the original page unchanged. Mozilla enabled translator extensions pack a punch, and the list of top extensions is decorated with some top names.


Google Translator for Firefox
ImTranslator - Google, Microsoft Translator
FoxLingo - Translator
Quick Translator
S3.Google Translator
Translate This!
Online Translator Toolbar
Facebook Translate
Fast Translation
WordReference Translator
everygain Translator
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