10+ Translator Plugins for Google Chrome

in Browser, - June 7, 2014

If you want to translate your document to a language you are not even remotely familiar with, or the other way round- translating a text in unknown language to a language you understand, Google has the best solutions for you in the form of Translator Plugins for Google Chrome. Interpretation of content in the language you are most comfortable with is just a click away using these top plugins. These Chrome extensions translate entire webpages into a language of your choice in a single click and also add a button to your browser toolbar to make the option more accessible whenever you want to translate the page you are viewing.


Some free plugins can also detect automatically if the language of the page you are visiting is different from the one you are using for Chrome interface and if yes, a notification pops on the top of the browser window. Google chrome also provides translation with synonyms and added features such as listening and history. Some of the premium extensions may require you to double click on a single word to get it translated to a desired language and along with this, the most popular synonyms of the word are displayed and also a picture display pops up. You can also translate phrases to a language of your choice and make use of text to speech facilities. These plugins are finding more use these days owing to social media as your connections may post something in a language that you may find difficult to understand.

Google Translate
Instant Translate
ImTranslator: Google Translate
1 Click Translator
Facebook Translate
everygain Translator
Word Translator
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