10+ Useful Url Shortener Extensions for google chrome

in Browser, - May 28, 2014

If you have a lot of content to route your posts’ visitors to, you will certainly like to be served by a dependable URL Shortener Extension for Google Chrome. Adding long URLs to posts makes them look rather untidy, whereas a crisp and short looking URL is likelier to be clicked, and is more suitable for the aesthetic appeal of your website. Thankfully, you have several premium and free URL Shortener Extensions that are compatible with Google Chrome browser and help you shorten URLs before you include them in any post being made with this browser in action.


Whereas some of these plugins let you shorten long URLs right with single clicks, some of them work in the form of toolbar icons that need to be clicked to access an array of different actions such as shortening the length of the URL, showing the original URL, etc. Whereas some free extensions for shortening URLs let you share the short URL with the help of email clients, there are some sophisticated and premium ones that offer advanced features such as generation of QR codes corresponding to the short URL. With a smart and light URL Shortener extension working in tandem with the Google Chrome browser, you can be certain that creating posts with crisp and credible looking short URLs will never be a problem. Use them to shorten any long URL while you create posts to publish and save time while ensuring that your blog and website visitors foster a positive opinion for your blog.

goo.gl URL Shortener
Native URL Shortener
Bitly | Unleash the power of the link
URL Shortener - goo.gl URL Shortener
TWurl Url Shortener/Expander with QR Code
0.mk URL Shortener
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