11+ Useful Url shortner Plugins for Mozilla Firefox

in Browser, - June 7, 2014

URL shortner plugins are useful for managing long URLs which may be over a hundred characters and may make your content appear untidy and cluttered wherever they occur. Such lengthy links are best managed using URL shortners which convert them to manageable links which may be only about 15 characters. Short URLs are easy to share and manage especially on social media services.When you are using devices like mobile phones, short URLs always prove to be more useful than the long ones. Mozilla Firefox has number of premium plugins for generating short URLs from very long links.


The best of these plugins also expand the URLs while you are browsing so that you feel more confident about clicking on them. These free and simple add- ons are fast, do not consume much memory and deliver just what they promise. The top one- click URL shortners shorten URLs of any length using mouse right-click or keyboard shortcut and copy to clipboard. The Mozilla URL shortner plugins are thus fast and convenient for shrinking URLs to make them suitable for sharing and also giving your content a clutter free look. They are also great for SEO reasons as they allow users to add keywords to describe the link. In this fast paced web world where the internet has shrunk into our mobile devices, what could be better than having short and convenient links to webpages that we want to access? Try these plugins and check it out for yourself.

goo.gl lite
TinyURL Generator
Cutyfox URL Shortener
Shorten URL (Bit.ly)
Shortly URL Shortener
Copy ShortURL
TinyUrl Creator
McAfee Secure URL Shortener
URL Shrink Easy
Google Shortener
Shortest URL shortener ever
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