7 WordPress Album Plugins to display beautiful Galleries

in CMS,WordPress, - January 24, 2015

Free and Premium Album Plugins for WP

WordPress album plugins are basically a list of options and tools used for editing and adding images for different galleries. The WP plugin is totally responsive. These plugins are perfect for adding photo gallery and photo album to different pages and posts. In fact, photo albums can be inserted into multiple widgets also. Adding images while providing detailed descriptions as well tags and then organizing the galleries into various albums becomes easier with wordpress album extensions.


Enjoy different views to display photo galleries and albums

The wordpress album modules allow the user to display galleries and albums in different ways. There is the thumbnail view for gallery images. Masonry options are available for multi-sized thumbnails. Also, there is the option for slideshow and viewing images in blog styled format. Switching images becomes easier with these plugins.
Essential features of these album plugins

The WordPress album plugins are 100% responsive with options for multiple views for the albums. There is also support for unlimited uploading of photos. You can also add unlimited galleries and albums with these plugins. To grab the best WordPress plugins, you can visit BestPlugins. Widest plethora of premium WP album and gallery extensions are available. You can download any of the listed ones from the site for free.


WordPress Gallery Plugin


  • WordPress-Gallery-Pluginn

    Premium 27$


WP Music Albums Plugin


  • WP Music Albums Plugin

    Premium 15$


Client Album Proofing


  • Client-Album-Proofing

    Premium 99$


Responsive Photo Gallery Pro


  • Responsive-Photo-Gallery-Pro

    Premium 10$


Photo Gallery



Srizon Responsive Youtube Album



Wp Gallery Bank


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