WordPress and Prestashop Integration with Plugins

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How to integrate Prestashop and WordPress with Plugins?

PrestaShop, despite being an open source ecommerce platform, wins hands down if you’re evaluating web commerce solutions for all kinds of products and services. Adding unlimited product pages, automating important selling aspects such as pricing and shipping, bringing in strong marketing strategies that can be managed on auto-pilot using Prestashop add-ons, all these and other swanky Prestashop capabilities are enough to seal the deal. That said, one has also to consider the specific applications and expectations associated with a Prestashop web project. Here’s something to make you ponder!

If CMS is an integral aspect, you might begin to miss the unconstrained powers of WordPress, the CMS system empowering 48% of global URLs today! The harder you think, you begin to ponder over shifting to WordPress for its awesome CMS features and enhancing it for web selling by using ecommerce plugins for WordPress! What’s the best approach then, for those who need the best of ecommerce platform and CMS platform at the same time? The answer – an integrated approach centred on Prestashop and integrating into WordPress. Creating the best design appeal with WordPress blogging and offering the most advanced checkout for web shopping with Prestashop – that’s the perfect web success cocktail, and that’s what WordPress-Prestashop plugins help you with.

The ideal approach to integrating Prestashop and WordPress

Whereas it is possible to keep WordPress and Prestashop separate in terms of the core they’re installed on, and achieving integration by sophisticated theme tweaking, it’s not the recommended approach, especially when you’re more likely to want a solution that lets you concentrate on selling and marketing rather than architecting the technology solution. This is where plugins come into play, and make the following two equally recommended techniques possible –

– A root Prestashop URL and WordPress in a subdomain or subfolder

– A root WordPress URL and Prestashop on a subdomain or subfolder

Of course, you need plugins for Prestashop and WordPress respectively to affect the integration in the two cases described above, respectively.

Plugins – facilitating hassle free collaboration of WordPress and Prestashop

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With plugins for WordPress and Prestashop for integrating into the other platform, you can quickly get off the blocks and live your dream of a killer web blog and a loaded web store working in tandem. Use sidebars to showcase a dynamic feed of your products right from the WordPress post pages, use WordPress shortcodes to integrate content from your blog in to the Prestashop web service, import post content from WordPress as per a predefined schedule to populate your Prestashop store, and establish a synced connection with your WordPress blog from Prestashop admin panel – do all this and more with the best integration plugins promising to bring together the magic of ideally two of the best web based platforms. Prestashop can also be made to integrate with WordPress in the form of widgets for functionalities such as shopping cart, product categories, featured products, quick payments, and more.

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