WordPress Article Plugins to improve your visitor convenience

in CMS,WordPress, - February 23, 2015

Free and Premium Article Plugins for WordPress

WordPress article addons allow manipulation of the code that forms the content of your WordPress website. One of the most popular wordpress plugins are the ones that enable automatic publishing of content on the WordPress website, lessening your work. WordPress articles have other functions as well, like embedding and integrating with social media.


All sorts of addons for all kinds of articles

There are WordPress plugins that allow for the specific writing and subsequent publishing of documents of a hierarchical nature on the web, such as academic writings, stories, technical documents, etc. They provide an interface for arranging and editing such articles through the creation of various spaces of content, such as spaces for titles and abstracts and then content. There are extensions that allow for the creation of an article directory, structuring it efficiently and enabling complete CSS customization options. Then there are the ones that allow your content to be embedded on other blogs or websites through metadata being parsed and respected by most search engines.


Create several conveniences for those visiting your WordPress site

Convenient extensions like the ones that allow for the transformation of your articles to PDF files make it easier for those visiting your site to create references from it. Through the insertion of a small code, a tiny box appears near most of your articles, which offers such an option. Certain addons integrate social media like BuddyPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc. on to the WordPress article. To find the perfect module for managing your articles, head over to BestPlugins which has a lot of such addons.

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