WordPress Audio Plugins that Easily Allows you to Play Music

in CMS,WordPress, - April 18, 2015

Top Free and Premium Audio Extensions /Addons for WordPress

Want to embed an integrated audio player that will allow you to share and play audio files on your WordPress-based website? Then you should download one of several WordPress audio plugins that easily allows you to play music or background sounds on your site.


Easily Upload your Audio Files

These intuitive audio plugins are perfect if you’re selling music on your site because you can offer visitors a preview. These add-ons also allow you to easily upload any kind of audio file and make it available on your website. You can even embed your podcasts on your WordPress posts or page. These useful wordpress plugins allow you can add or delete any kind of audio file using a simple drag and drop editor.

Versatile Multi-platform Plugins

Most of these wordpress extensions are optimized to work on any kind of device or platform, including iOS devices. With these plugins, you can view, preview and review any music file using the in-built audio player that allows you to play, pause, and fast-forward or rewind a song at any time. This cross platform functionality makes these audio add-ons very versatile. These audio plugins are the perfect tool for music lovers and musicians alike.

Fullwidth Audio Player

  • Fullwidth Audio Player

    Premium 18$


Music Store






HTML5 jQuery Audio PRO


  • HTML5 jQuery Audio

    Premium 30$


Compact WP Audio Player



Responsive HTML5 Audio Player


  • Responsive HTML5 Audio Player

    Premium 16$


Featured Audio



Uber Audio WordPress plugin


  • Uber Audio Wordpress plugin

    Premium 17$


CP Media Player



Responsive HTML5 Music Player


  • Responsive HTML5 Music Player

    Premium 17$


HTML5 Audio Player


  • HTML5 Audio Player

    Premium 16$


Total Control HTML5 Audio Player


  • Total Control HTML5 Audio Player

    Premium 11$


Compact WordPress Audio/Music Player


  • Compact WordPress Audio Music Player


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