WordPress Background Plugins that serve as powerful tools for website promotion

in CMS,WordPress, - January 23, 2015

Free and Premium Background Plugins for WP

The backgrounds used in the WordPress websites are fully customizable through the use of the many extensions available on the internet, such as video backgrounds that enable videos to be embedded into the background itself, background sliders that enable entire picture galleries and other objects to be displayed through the use of sliders, etc.


Editable backgrounds that serve as powerful tools for website promotion

In its base form, website backgrounds of WordPress Plugins may not be compatible with all themes and images and other resources do not utilize the full screen. Addons enable full-screen backgrounds, makes the background responsive, let users customize backgrounds with every post. Extensions access the custom background thematic feature and cause an overwriting of values of views of singular posts, provided a customized background has been accorded. There are also wordpress plugins that enable each of the different pages of the website to have a different background.

Not just still images, but all sorts of media may be used

Apart from creating image backgrounds, modules allow the user to create backgrounds that allow the playing of music while the site or page is being viewed, allowing music on a per page or per post basis by embedding the soundtrack within the page through an audio tag based on HTML. For a variety of backgrounds that are responsive and can easily be integrated into the site, you can visit BestPlugins, a great plugin library.


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WP Background Takeover Advertisements


  • WP Background Takeover Advertisements

    Premium 16$


FWB Full Width Background Slider


  • FWB Full Width Background Slider

    Premium 19$





Full Screen Background Images Pro



Full Width Background Gallery


  • Full-Width-Background-Gallery-2

    Premium 18$


Soundy Background Music PRO


  • Soundy-Background-Music-PRO2

    Premium 9$


Easy Video Background


  • Easy-Video-Background

    Premium 9$


Themify Builder



Image&Video FullScreen Background


  • Image&Video-FullScreen-Background

    Premium 17$


Full Background Manager


  • Full-Background-Manager2



Background Manager



WP-Backgrounds Lite



Full Screen Background Images


  • Full-Screen-Background-Images


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