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in CMS,WordPress, - January 6, 2015

Free and Premium Branding Plugins for WP

If you want to hide the fact that your site is using WordPress CMS plugins and promote your own (or your clients’) brands and ensure maximum visibility, then Branding Plugins are a must. Branding plugins allow you to refashion your page with custom created logos and themes, thus making it more likely to attach potential customers and improve the marketability and noticeability of your brand or product. Not only that, but a good WordPress extension can change the entire look and feel of your site from the default WordPress templates making it more relevant, topic-oriented, easy to access, and a pleasure to visit.



Branding the Admin and Login pages

This is the part of your WP site that most visitors and customers won’t see the admin page- but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be branded similarly to the main site. Most branding modules offer customization options for the admin and client login pages as well, from simple themes and colour schemes to more complicated logos, signs and templates. There are also specific admin plugins built for doing just this and are great if you cater to multiple clients and would like to customize or personalize your login page for each client accordingly.


Maximize your site’s effectiveness and reach

Branding add-ons can be the perfect way to better reach out to prospective clients and customers and enhance the reach of your site- and thus your products. The best Branding Plugins can be found by consulting the meticulously compiled BestPlugins list.


White Label Branding for WordPress


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Placid Slider


Download Plugin


Captain Admin – WP Tools & White Label Branding


Download Plugin


Ultimate Branding

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MainWP Branding


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Branded Login Screen


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WooCommerce Branding


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OSD Remove All WordPress Branding


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Admin Branding


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