7 WordPress Plugins to Include a Variety of Calculator Options

in CMS,WordPress, - January 21, 2015

Free and Premium Calculator Plugins for WP

Inbuilt calculators can considerably increase the interactivity and rankings of your wordpress site. The wordpress plugin offers simple methods to include a variety of calculator options right from the complex mortgage calculator to the more common BMI calculator into your page. Control everything from the number of input parameters to the style and layout to impress your viewers at first sight. Also the jQuery powered plugins have complete cross compatibility, allowing users to operate seamlessly across different platforms.


Get the complete financial kit under your belt

Allow users to calculate monthly payment for mortgage for their homes, or calculate premiums based on rate of interest for insurance and loans, or use the quote calculator widget to get a fair estimate for the services offered and so on. The wordpress plugins enable you to edit the parameters of the calculator widget right from the admin panel and buildup on templates preset with the extensions as well.

Do more with your calculator plugins

Add other interactive features such as news tickers, RSS feeds, live updates on stocks and market rates, loan EMI percentage values, net worth evaluators and so on with the plugins as well. Depend on BestPlugins to find the right calculator plugin for your site quickly and easily.

  • ez Form Calculator

    Premium 20$

    By keksdieb
  • Calculated Fields Form

    Free and Premium 49$

    By dwbooster.com
  • WordPress Project Cost Calculator

    Premium 13$

    By satish
  • Simple Price Calculator

    Premium 15$

    By premiumbizthemes.com
  • Wordpress Multipurpose Calculator

    Premium 16$

    By JeyamThemes
  • Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plugin

    Premium 15$

    By Makis77
  • Measurement Price Calculator

    Premium 129$

    By woothemes.com
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