9+ Best WordPress Currency Converter Plugins

in CMS,WordPress, - June 10, 2014

Choose the best and most reliable currency converters from a list of the Top WordPress Currency Converter Pluginsif you have an online trading website. The extensions are fully customizable allowing you to change size, color, and layout and you also have a choice of display formats, adjustable width and header colors. Default currencies for the calculator can be chosen and can be convertedto as many currencies as you like with almost instant calculation! Since these free plugins are powered by AJAX, your visitors do not have to refresh the page to obtain the latest exchange rates and this gives the users a better browsing experience.


The premium wordpress currency converter plugins are perfect add-ons for your shopping cart page as they provide for a reliable currency conversion widget that works flawlessly. Specialized plugins like Currency Converter Rub display a particular currency by default and its rate according to a particular bank; in this case the widget displays the Russian ruble according to central bank. It is also possible to insert captions to the table of currencies and enable or disable the display of the desired currencies. Use some premium wordpress plugins to allow the use of a local currency for table rate shipping, which does not affect the currency in which you take payment. These simple lightweight currency converter plugins for WordPress allow your customers to look for foreign exchange rates between almost any world currencies in a jiffy and are a sure boon to your business.

WP Currency Converter
Currency Converter
Artiss Currency Converter
Currency Converter Rub
WordPress Simple Currency Exchange Converter
Euro FxRef Currency Converter
WooCommerce Table Rate Currency Converter
Auto Currency Converter
Bitcoin Currency Calculator
FX-CurrencyConverter Plugin for WordPress
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