WordPress Datagrid Plugins to Organize and Access your Data

in CMS,WordPress, - February 4, 2015

Free and Premium Datagrid Plugins for WP

The WordPress datagrid plugins are used for selecting php datagrid and then copying the selected region similar to that of Excel spread sheets. With WordPress datagrid modules, you can experience perfect grid layouts. You can also carry out the quick key binding using the UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT keys from the keyboard and locate the Jquery gridview. These WordPress plugins are easy to install and work with.


Essential features to look into

Any cool WordPress datagrid plugin will let you to select a REGION similar to that of EXCEL sheet with the help of mouse. You can even use the SHIFT button from keyboard to select the regions quickly. The WordPress datagrid extensions also allows you to copy the selected regions with the help of CTRL button and C button in the keyboards and then paste it anywhere you want to.


Experience perfect layout for the grid

You need to simply upload the file and update the data grid configuration. Another advantage of these wordpress plugins is that you will not find any hidden source codes. Everything is clearly visible to work with. You can visit BestPlugins to have a look at the vast collection of WordPress datagrid extensions and plugins listed with the site. Pick any plugin featured in the site that you think will be best for your premium site.


Datazenit – Query Builder



  • PHP-DataGrid-Light

    Premium 16$

    By Apphpcc
  • Excel-Like-Data-Grid-Editor

    Premium 15$

    By Bdinfosys
  • gridnic


    By nicblue.com
  • Data-Management-System1

    Premium 13$

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