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in CMS,WordPress, - May 7, 2015

Customize and issue all sorts of disclaimers with WordPress Plugins

Disclaimer addons for WP do various things like putting in disclaimers about services or reviews or products with your posts that you make on your WP site. You may choose which place you may wish to put the disclaimer in, such as before or after the product endorsement. You can also use disclaimers to make the procedure of placing disclaimers wherever you may wish on your site, enabling your visitors to create articles that will carry such disclosures


Full control over the issuing of diclaimers

Modules for WordPress disclaimers let you choose which articles or authors shall be assigned disclaimers along with the posts they make, customize all the disclaimers that are made in all of the posts, edit and integrate styles of CSS to the disclaimers and create placeholders for showing certain information.


Customize and issue all sorts of disclaimers

Other modules can be used to display agreements on licenses, should you have any that visitors to your site must be in agreement with before accessing the contents of your WP site. You can also use modules for showing your website’s policy on privacy that follows laws on cookies. For more such options for disclaimer addons for WP, you should head to BestPlugins, a great addon library that will have what you require.


Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Plugin


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Free WordPress Disclaimer Plugins


AMZ Disclaimer & Statement WordPress Plugin


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Accept Disclaimer Overlayer


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Review Disclaimer


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Disclaimer and Notification Manager for Authors


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