5+ Top WordPress Disqus Plugins

in CMS,WordPress, - April 17, 2015

Top Free and Premium Disqus Extensions /Addons for WordPress

The default commenting features provided by WordPress don’t really pack a number of options that encourage users to comment. But the wordpress plugin adequately makes up for it. The innovative plugins bring a number of options such social integration, secure commenting, threading, connection through secure hosting and lots more under your tool belt. Also the enhanced compatibility allows non WordPress users to carry their comment threads to their own page as well.


Integrate social media profiles to your advantage

WordPress plugins Allow users to utilize their social networking profiles while commenting on posts on your page and multiply your analytics score. The plugins enable visitors to access their user profiles direct from the post page, so that they do not miss out anything important. Also include subscription options, email notifications on new comments, like and share options, voting options, and image and GIF commenting with ease.

Secure your posts and have complete control

Most plugins include their own moderation tools that allow effective filtration of spam mails and advertising content. Also prevent users from posting links to blocked websites, and hide or remove hostile comments or illegal media from your page with ease. The jQuery powered extensions also make sure that mobile commenting is made easier as well. Depend on BestPlugins to find the right plugins quickly and effectively for your wordpress site.

Disqus Comments Pro


Disqus Popular Posts


Social Comments


Comments Evolved for WordPress

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Disqus Comment System


Disqus Recent Comments Widget

  • Disqus Recent Comments Widget


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