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in CMS,WordPress, - January 7, 2015

DoFollow WordPress Plugins to Turn Off NoFollow Links

Dofollow plugins for WP allow a whole host of options, such as removal of the attribute nofollow from the comments, if it does not work, choose whether or not you wish to use dofollow for comments through the editing of every single of the comments made on your WP site or by means of having access to the email addresses of those who leave comments.


Amazing functions become accessible

You can use a dofollow plugin for WP to each and every one of the Trackbacks as well as the Pingbacks to links of dofollow automatically. This would make it possible to include certain commenters on your site to follow your site automatically through their email addresses. Or you may have manual control over the process. Then there are extensions that generate reward programmes for those who comment by treating visitor names separately from keywords, providing better text for anchoring, etc.


Decide who will follow and how

You have full control as you can set the rules for receiving a backlink for dofollow, such as minimum number of characters, or of words or even the minimum number of comments posted. For more such incredibly deep dofollow addons, you should check out the huge collection at BestPlugins.


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DoFollow Case by Case


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