WordPress Domain Mapping Plugins

in CMS,WordPress, - January 4, 2015

Free and Premium Domain Mapping Subdirectory and Domain Mapping Remote Login Plugins for WP

You now have the freedom and the necessary resources to map any site or blog on the WordPress platform to the external domain with the help of WordPress domain mapping plugins that are available easily throughout the Internet. Most of these plugins require manual installation since the file needs to be copied to the wp-content. Upgrades for the wordpress plugins are featured on a regular basis for the benefit of the visitors.


Activation of WordPress Domain Mapping Plugins for your Blog

The administrator for the blog needs to configure this cloud hosting plugin in a simple manner by entering the correct IP addresses on the server of the Domain Mapping page. The addresses are meant solely for the purposes of documentation and so the user must be aware of what they are for setting up the right DNS connection.


What are the Useful Features of the WordPress Domain Mapping Plugins?

Some of the most important domain mappingfeatures on WP that you receive from this category of plugins is that these tools let you easily map the blog of your choice to any external domain as long as it remains featured on the WP platform. BestPlugins features different domain mapping plugins for WordPress and you can download and install any one of your choice on your blog.


  • Domain-and-Theme-Mapper

    Premium 28$

  • Domain-Mapping33

    Premium 19$

  • Domain-Mapping22

    Premium 47$

  • WordPress-MU-Domain-Mapping


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