WordPress eBay Plugins

in CMS,WordPress, - February 5, 2015

Free and Premium eBay Plugins for WP

The WordPress plugins allow you to embed your live eBay information on your WordPress blog and this enables you to host auctions on your blog or website completely free of charge, thereby attracting lots of new visitors to your site on a regular basis. You should check out BestPlugins, which is one of the most trusted sites for WordPress plugins and allows you to add the best eBay plugins to your WP blog.


Features of the WordPress eBay Plugins for your Blog

The WordPress eBay plugins are extremely helpful for attracting new visitors to your blog since they help you auction lots of different products through your blog from the eBay ecommerce site. These extensions are useful for capturing the various feedbacks from the eBay site and then placing them within the WordPress blog with separate effects for the benefit of the clients.


How your Blog can benefit from WordPress eBay Plugins

This WordPress range of modules for eBay is great since it helps you waste a lot less time on managing eBay store partner networks and allows the plugin tools to bear the burden. The most popular items and products on eBay can be displayed as per your choice on the sidebar or posts of your blog.


EsayBay Pro



Ebay Importer WooCommerce Plugin


  • Ebay-Importer-WooCommerce-Plugin

    Premium 17$


Import from eBay to WooCommerce – Import all active listings from eBay


  • Import-from-eBay-to-WooCommerce

    Premium 99$


WordPress Automatic Plugin


  • Wordpress-Automatic-Plugin

    Premium 17$


eBay Autoblogging Plugin


  • eBay-Autoblogging-Plugin

    Premium 89$


WP Lister Pro



Free eBay WordPress Plugins


eBay Feeds For WordPress


  • eBay-Feeds-For-WordPress


  • WP-Lister-for-eBay


    By wplab.com
  • eBay-Ads


    By jgwhite33
  • eBay-on-your-own-site


    By josephhawes.co.uk
  • eBay-Feeds-For-WordPress


    By rhyswynne.co.uk
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