5 Powerful WordPress Plugins for Estores to Increase your Sales

in CMS,WordPress, - April 18, 2015

Top free and Premium eshop Extensions /Addons for wordPress

Nothing’s too farfetched when you have a dedicated wordpress plugins to help you out. The highly customized plugins enable users to create even the most complex ecommerce related tasks with ease. Create personalized membership profiles and user accounts for customers, catalog your entire inventory in a neat and impressive manner within seconds, ensure the best protection for your store and prevent data thefts with ease, and lots more with the highly functional plugins. Also make the best use of analytics and web tools to get the maximum productivity as well.


Market your eshop the right way with the best plugins

Eshop plugins offer users effective SEO tools and analytics options that allow you to both monitor and upgrade your shop’s performance with ease. Also integrate your social media accounts to create effective inbound marketing campaigns and use tools like flexible coupon rules, Google base integration, cross-sell integration and new product widgets to climb up the rankings as well.

Create an user experience like never before

The PHP powered wordpress plugins ensure complete customizability and integrate seamlessly with HTML and CSS for better performance. Change the entire layout of the shop right from the admin control panel, and enhance user experience as you move ahead. Include numerous useful options such as PayPal integration, store credit wallets, instant checkout options, add to favorites call-to action options easily too. Trust BestPlugins to find all the necessary eshop plugins categorized and lined up for you for instant usage.

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