15 WordPress Plugins for Improve your Facebook Commenting system

in CMS,WordPress, - April 27, 2015

Free and Premium Facebook Comment Plugins for WP

The WordPress Free and Premium Facebook Comment Plugins for WPs Facebook comments Plugins make it easier for you to setup, administer and customise Facebook comments from your WordPress site. It can be quite annoying to set up the facebook comments. But with WP plugin, adding facebook comments to your wordpress site or blog becomes simpler, easier, and without any kind of hassle.



Inserting comments as shortcodes becomes easier

With these wordpress extensions, you can easily insert comment box as short code into any blog post, template, or page. Moreover, you can also use your customised settings every time you do it. These wordpress facebook comments modules are surely to bring amazing results.


Essential features to focus at

The wordpress facebook comments extensions require zero configuration status to get it fully functional. Simply install and activate it. These plugins effectively and securely import the FB comments into your WP database as an additional safety measure. Also, never worry about your wordpress comments getting deleted. No, they get retained with option to display them just below the FB box. Also, every comment is printed in hidden block patterns to maximize the SEO effect. Grab the best and premium wordpress facebook comments plugins from BestPlugins. This site features some of the best plugins. And more importantly, you can download any of the selected plugins from this site for free.

Custom Facebook Feed


  • Custom Facebook Feed

    Premium 49$


WordPress Social Stream


  • WordPress-Social-Streamm

    Premium 18$





Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder


  • Easy-Facebook-Fanpage-and-Promotion-Builder

    Premium 17$


Ultimate Facebook


  • Ultimate Facebook

    Premium 19$


Facebook Plugins, Comments & Dialogs


  • Facebook-Plugins,-Comments-&-Dialogs

    Premium 16$


Wp Social Pro



Facebook Traffic Pop


  • Facebook-Traffic-Pop

    Premium 9$


Facebook Comments



jQuery Facebook Gallery WP


  • jQuery-Facebook-Gallery-WP

    Premium 17$


Facebook Viral Content Locker


  • Facebook-Viral-Content-Locker

    Premium 14$





Comments Evolved


  • Comments-Evolved-for-WordPress2



SEO Facebook Comment



Facebook Comments


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