WordPress Firewall Plugins to Protect your site from hackers

in CMS,WordPress, - April 4, 2015

Admin firewall and firewall port plugins for WP

The WordPress Firewall plugins help to monitor web requests that are aimed to identify and stop any attack on your computer. All the known bugs have been resolved for Firewall 2 plugins and it comes equipped with loads of new features. You should check out BestPlugins, which is one of the most trusted sites for WordPress plugins and allows you to add the best Firewall protection to your WordPress blog.


Features of the WordPress Firewall Plugins for your Blog

The WordPress plugin is extremely useful in the investigation of web requests thanks to simple and WordPress-specific heuristics that are primarily aimed to identify and stop all of the most obvious attacks on your blog. These plugins come with some of the most powerful yet generic modules but the drawback is that they are not always installed on the servers and thus, may be rather difficult to configure.


How your Blog can benefit from WordPress Firewall Plugins

This Firewall test plugins intelligently blacklist and whitelist pathological-looking phrases, depending on the field they appear in, in a page request. The purpose of this is not to replace responsible and prompt upgrading but rather to prevent 0-day attacks on the blog.


WordPress Firewall



WordPress Security – Malware Monitoring and Security Scanning


  • WordPress-Security

    Premium 199$


WordPress Security & Firewall Plugin


  • WordPress-Security-&-Firewall-Plugin

    Premium 4$


Firewall Fix – Detects the originating IP address



WordPress Security Simple Firewall Plugin


  • Wordpress-Security-Simple-Firewall-Plugin

    Premium 0.99$


Free WordPress Firewall Plugins


WordPress Security and Firewall Plugin


  • WordPress Security and Firewall Plugin



  • NinjaFirewall


    By nintechnet.com
  • Centrora-Security


    By osexcel
  • Wordfence-Securityy


    By wordfence.com
  • Website-Firewall


    By sucuri.net




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